Woah. But I thought Joker's pregnant wife was killed in that fire. If you read Hush Returns you would know what I mean...if not...just accept it lol. That is interesting though. But even if it were from the woman he marreid the kid would be like 11 or 12 years old.
Didn't Anarky already have parents when he was introduced in Detective Comics #608 :confused: Alan Grant initially made readers think Lonnie's dad was Anarky.

Then we got the great twist at the end when we found out it was the kid in issue #609.
Well look here:

"relatives: Linda Penman (mother), Michael Machin (adoptive father, deceased), Roxanne Machin (adoptive mother, deceased), The Joker (possible biological father)"
trustyside-kick said:
But wrong. Anarky has clearly defined parents, and somehow I don't feel that a chemical mutation strong enough to **** the Joker up like it did would leave him particularly virile.
Two Face said:
I read that Joker was Anarky's father, is there truth to this?

Here's what I said on this subject a long time ago, as part of a post I did:


And several years after Alan Grant created the character Anarky as a Batman foe, he was writing a monthly series about the character that lasted eight issues. In the last issue, Anarky learned that he was a long-lost son of the Joker (contrary to the impression that we got from his first appearance, wherein he was the teenage son of what appeared to be a very normal middle-class couple with no hint of any peculiarities in his ancestry). Here’s the way Alan Grant explained it in an interview at

The last story was Anarky discovering that his real father was The Joker. We were allowed to tell this tale on the strict editorial condition that at a future date I would write a sequel proving Joker WASN'T the daddy. I was told that under no circumstances would Joker be allowed to be Anarky's father. Like, forcefully. I couldn't understand it. From their point of view, it should have been just another character to market.

Ironically, the series folded before I wrote the rebuttal, so as far as continuity goes, Joker is still the miscreant dad. Or maybe it was all a dream..?

So it was meant from Day One (as far as DC’s editors were concerned) to be a Retconned Relationship that was clearly scheduled to then be Retconned right back to the Sacred Status Quo (where Joker doesn't have any kids), except they never got around to Officially Retconning the Retcon? Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I stumble across something like this!
So.......he IS the kid's dad. DC just chose to ignore it.

Hahahahahaahahaha.....and people say comic films screw
ChrisBaleBatman said:
So.......he IS the kid's dad. DC just chose to ignore it.

Hahahahahaahahaha.....and people say comic films screw

No -- if I understand Alan Grant's comments correctly, then here is what the editor (whoever it was) who let him publish that story would say in response to you.

No, Joker is not the kid's dad. Joker was never intended to be the kid's dad. But because Alan had his heart set on telling that story, we let him tell that story in which Anarky came to think that Joker was his dad.

Then we completely forgot to publish a follow-up story yelling "April Fool's, everybody! Fooled you, didn't we?!!!" But the thought was there. It was all just a silly False Alarm.

That's what I think the editor would have said. But that would have been several years ago. Of course, I have no idea how the current editors working on the Bat-titles at DC feel about it these days . . . for all I know, a couple of months from now a story will be published which "confirms" that Anarky is the Joker's long-lost son! :)

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