Animal torture videos (Dog & Cat loves welcomed)

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My original intention was to come in here and to say something about how my focusses are more on human suffering


those videos are very disturbing and I don't advocate the wearing of any sort of fur anywho and normally look down on people who do wear fur. THe scenes on thos videos were indeed cruel

HOwever it is the case of how something that is happening far and away from your door in a country where one has no juridiction or say ends up having very little impact on your day to day life. Unfortunately although i am moved by the video, I am not moved enough to sign a partition, which is kinda a sad reflection on myself.
I guess it's just because my ignorant American ass is used to dogs as pets that I think of the Chinese as...well I won't say it, but for eating them and using their fur.
China makes me sick on so many levels.
The General Tso's chicken I had last week takes the cake. *Bleh!


I guess its a bit too general a statement to say I dislike a whole country... They've got lots of good people... One of my good friends was born and raised there... But they are frustrating.
Even him blocks me out when I mention Tibet, says Tibetans were liberated :whatever:
I'm not watching the video, but I can surmise from the posts what it's all about. China is somewhat of a barbaric nation, though I can't for the life of me figure out why. Using dogs and cats as a food source is one thing, a terrible thing in my opinion since they've been domesticated for thousands of years to be companions, not food, but torture is another matter all together. I'd love nothing more than to allow my dogs, German Shepherd, Rott, Pit Bull, and Akita, to rip the flesh from the bones of the people who do these monstrous acts, but that would prove nothing. But for my sake, and the sake of my family, I hope I never come across someone who is torturing an animal.
We do the same, if not worse, to our herd of cows, sheep, goat, pig, chicken, horse, ostriches, etc.
Honestly, I understand the purpose behind this thread, but I don't think we need this video here.
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