Anyone interested in doing a web comic?


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Jul 14, 2001
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I’ve got an idea brewing in my head for a web comic, and I’ve come up with a couple of ideas for specific strips, but I’m looking for someone to collaborate with. I’m not looking for someone to just draw it (although you would be drawing it) I’m looking for someone that’s actually interested in coming up with the ideas for strips and hashing things out.

I’m looking for someone who ideally really likes movies and has worked in a retail job before, who has a simple comic strip style to drawing, and if you lived in Toronto that would be even better.

Anyone interested?
Maybe I should explain what the comic will be about exactly.

It's about a couple of guys who work at Videoworld, a video rental store. One of the employees is a real audio/visualphile who will only watch movies widescreen on DVD, or Blueray, is movie geek that has dreams of one day being a film director. The other guy likes movies but he doesn’t care if he’s watching the movie on Blueray, DVD, VHS, VCD, or bootlegged or not. He just wants to me entertained by them. The comic will be making fun of movies, making fun of customer service, making fun of customers, maybe making fun of videogames (but Penny-Arcade does that so well).
Doodled on notebook paper, and then photographed with my digital, because I don't have a working scanner right now.

Loosely based on guys I used to work with at Blockbuster.

Nice that's more or less what I was thinking they would look like. You wouldn't happen to be getting a scanner anytime soon would you?
I've been looking into one for a while, though I could kickstart the process considerably if need be. Probably going to buy a lightbox, as well.
Well no need to jump out and buy one tomorrow or anything, I'd like to spend a bit of time developing the idea and stuff. Do you color your work ever? In Photoshop or whatever?
I've colored some work with pencils and such, but I almost instantly regret it. I haven't had much practice, and never have the foresight to color a trace instead of the original.

Hopefully, with some better supplies, I'm going to start learning how to ink decently, scan the works in, and then color them with Photoshop, or whatever. Notebook paper and cheapo mechanical pencils aren't the best to work with, you know?

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