anyone like Howl's Moving Castle ?

Darkness Falls

We Could Be Heroes.....
Dec 20, 2006
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not really a big watcher of japanese animation
but this film really impressed me

the way pretty much everything was hand drawn
( unlike the takeover of computer animation here)

the cast of the film was excellent
christian bale was excellent as always playing the dark and mysterious magician howl

and generally the darker tones of the film such as (love,curses,war ect)

for those who have not seen it i would recommend it

please don't flame me for making a thread about this film
You watched it on SBS the other night didn't you?
I've been wanting to see this for a couple years, now. I almost bought the book the other day, actually. I've heard nothing but good things, but have yet to see it.
I love this movie. It is so well done.
Great film. It reminded me of classic disney, back when they had real artistic integrity, not just demographics.

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