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Director...i'm actually in film school right now learning so someday hopefully it will come true :)

what kind of art do you prefer?
I kinda prefer digitally drawn art regardless of what style it is

What would you think if I sang out of tune?
I would cringe. I've been musical all through middle and high school, and now a few years after graduating. x_X;

Do you play an instrument?
I used to, but i'm too busy lately.. :(

Do you dance with the devil or play the harp with Jesus?
His long hair. Not conservative enough.

Long hair implies being a "hippie" right? Or at least that's what the old folk' think..
Well, they're probably wrong. And in the Christian faith, since abortion and gay marriage -- or homosexuaity -- are sins and the Republican Party tends to be anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage, it's possible Jesus leans towards the conservaitve or right side of the political spctrum since He lived a sinless life and would probably not support the aforementioned policies that are usually part of the Democratic Party. In regards to abortion, many believe pro-life is pro-Christ.

Sound good?
Not for me to say

So are you a suspicious person?
Shopping and chores today

Do you keep up with sports news?
All the time, i'm a tennis fanatic.

What's your favorite sport?
Maybe Dumb and Dumber

Do you start dreading Monday by late Sunday afternoon?

Dumb and Dumber was classic, Dumb and Dumberer was awful. Yes?
Never seen Dumb and Dumberer nor do I want to.

Your opinion on Disney buying Marvel?
Man, im not sure. I hope this means good things. Im really unsure. Time will tell.

Your opinion on Undertaker coming back, then disappearing, then coming back, then disappearing Etc.
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