Ask A Question Above, Get The Answer Below VI

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The oven? oh yeah lol

Did you work out on the hoola hoop?
I tried and failed :(

Ever do the Wii Fit Hula Hoop?
I did lol I should more often haha

Do you play video games often?
No..not at all. I have quite a few PC games and a PS2..but only break e'm out a handfull of times a year.

Is Maggie Simpson ever gonna grow up?
No and thank goodness.

Do you think the Simpsons have been on tv too long?
maybe..I haven't seen anything recent by them so I have no idea how the show is now...

Should I go for two cups of coffee today?
try 3

Do you drink whiskey in your coffee?
no...I nerversh do thatshhhhh.....*hic*

What's in your thermos?
don't carry a thermos

do you think it's a mistake for a carry and conceal gun law to have passed?
not really.

Would you think twice about messing with someone if you thought they were packing heat?
not if I were packing heat also...

Desert Eagle or Beretta?
Desert Eagle

Do you think it's important to be honest with the people you care about?

What do you consider is the best dog breed ?
That is a really hard question. I think one from the shelter is the best but Labs are very loving and cute.

Do you think animal lovers are more caring people than the non lovers of animals?
in one respect, yes

do you believe that a pet can have a relaxing effect on it's owner?

Why are ghosts sometimes depicted as being fat, does more weight equal more spirit?:hehe:
hahaha possibly

Do you dread Sundays or love them?
I like them because I have church to look forward to and then I get to relax later in the day, so Sundays are usually pretty low key for me. Today was particularly good.

How do you deal with debatable issues?
Keep them to myself.

How do you deal with bad bedroom performance?
Can't say I've ever had that experience.

Do you believe in supporting local business? And do you think it's anti-mainstream and/or anti-conformist to buy things from garage sales and thrift stores?
I think you should support your local businesses and usually they are of higher quality. As far as garage sales and thrift stores, I think it's up to the individual where and how they shop. I just don't look at it as being anti anything. I think some people love to go to flea markets and garage sales to find bargains and unusual items. Perhaps, some kids buy from there to be different. Each to his own, I say.

Do you dress a little different than others?
Wait...when was I supposed to wear clothes in the first place...ooops.

ONCE again...have I said too much?:doh:
Don't you always :p

Would you like to control the weather?
I'm not sure.

Have you ever had a teacher that assigned a lot of work? If so, what was that like for you and how did you deal with it?
Many. I just worked non stop and up all night. I am good with closing the world out and just getting things done.

Do you have a recurring dream?
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