Australian ARMY adds.


May 1, 2003
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They cant be stopped, blocked or killed. Every damn time a page loads its there, at full volume for 30 God damn seconds.

Why wont any of by blocking software stop them? Its really annoying and killing what little joy can be found at the hype right now.
I guess the lesson is....don't mess with the Australian Army.
I'm only getting Shock til you drop, crave, csn, bad and ugly etc
ads? what stinkie ads? Geez, learn how to block peeps
Yeah they were killing me as well, I thought it was just because I'm Australian lol.
As am I;m Australian, they don't bother me. Then again, I see them all the time.
we're talking about the banners at the TOP right? Cause I'm just getting shop til you drop and other crave sites so I don't have a problem with that.
the new generation of cyber warfare has begun.

Head for the bomb shelters! BOMB SHELTERS I SAY!
Just a question....are the only people getting the Australian Army add from the area? For instance, are anyone in North America or Europe getting it?

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