Avengers Initiative lets Hulk loose on iOS and Android tomorrow


Apr 17, 2008
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S.H.I.E.L.D. Prisoners Break Free In Marvel’s Upcoming Mobile Game

August 27, 2012 . 3:00pmMarvel are teasing a new mobile title, which involves prisoners breaking out of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s containment facility, the Vault.
was mentioned here from this thread in this link

since marvel's doing this as a counter to DC's IOS In which Dc has been given a not so cool Review "cause the game it's wasn't cool."

Here's another look at this up coming one from Marvel
Avengers Initiative lets Hulk loose on iOS and Android tomorrow

(14 minutes ago)

The first episodic Marvel game, Avengers Initiative, will debut on iOS and Android devices tomorrow for $6.99. The first episode, starring The Hulk, is reminiscent of Chair's gesture-based combat series, Infinity Blade. We've got some preview code and will write up a Portabliss soon.

Avengers Initiative foregoes the typical episodic price model, instead offering updates free of charge. Each addition will be a new character from The Avengers' huge HR folder – the initial teaser image suggests Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are amongst planned characters. And with each new character comes personalized stories and content, so they'll be more than just skins over the same frame.

source Joystiq

We'll just have to see how this one turn's out. BTW DC's IOS was only $3.00. while it was bad they asked for less.
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that's a shame, a mobile Hulk game looks better than the 2008 "next gen" Hulk game...smh
That needs to be put on the Vita as well. :argh:
that's a shame, a mobile Hulk game looks better than the 2008 "next gen" Hulk game...smh
Let's wait and see how it plays (reviews wise .) Cause the DC version that came out wasn't cool and half the ios games that are made are used to "Nickle and dime" people.

So no you May not want this on vita until you hear their not doing that. No matter how it looks graphic wise.
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If I were a betting man, I would say the game will more than likely play similar to Infinity Blade, I saw a screenshot where Hulk was facing off against a Skrull and the perspective was similar. I hope I'm wrong, but I was just basing it off of assumption
You seem to be right on the money.
Marvel’s Avengers Initiative Is Almost The Strongest Portable Game There Is

So, maybe Marvel's console game portfolio is a collection of hits and misses. But Avengers Initiative sure makes it seem like the House of Ideas wants their portable releases to be a different story.

Avengers Initiative will be very familiar to anyone who has played Chair Entertainment's Infinity Blade title. Players will be controlling the Hulk as he hunts down monstrous supervillains who've been broken out of confinement. Swipe and tap to attack, tap select areas on the screen to sidestep and launch quick attacks. The action/RPG hybrid structure from Infinity Blade is here, too, with a bit more complexity.

Where Marvel's portable game differs from other similar titles is in how it approaches resource mining. You'll still spot and tap pick-ups to add them to your inventory but some meteorite fragments will need punching to offer up their treasures. AI sports more attacks and skill types than other Infinity Blade play-alikes, with various special moves that get unlocked as you go.

Developed by Wide Load Games, Avengers Initiative is a good-looking title with tons of spoken dialogue. Marvel/Disney clearly wants to deliver a console quality experience but one that offers a pipeline for microtransactions for extra costumes. Further episodes will likely revolve around other Marvel characters and you can see where this will be an ever-expanding effort from Marvel's game division. The mobile title also hooks into the Marvel XP platform which aggregates points across different games and platforms—like Avengers Alliance on Facebook—into one user profile. It's a solid if pricey debut that seems to promise better playable versions of the Marvel Universe than what fans have gotten recently. You'll be able to download iOS and Android versions tomorrow.

It looks interesting. I wish we got more choice of characters though. Perhaps expose people to Avengers they may not be familiar with yet or show the general audience how diverse Marvel can be.
Avengers Initiative Episode 1 Puts You In Control Of The Hulk

September 6, 2012 . 11:10amMarvel’s secret mobile game is a series of titles starring the Avengers as they attempt to deal with a S.H.I.E.L.D. containment facility breach.

some more details on customization of the characters in both video / podcast of it is also in this game. It's 01:58/03:51 (for this video)


September 6 – Rundown – Antiviral, Guardians of Middle-earth

Victor has Brandon Cronenberg on Antiviral, new details on Guardians of Middle-earth, and more in the Rundown. MOVIES/TV: - Antiviral is the first film from Brandon Cronenberg, son of famed body-horror director David Cronenberg

source:Siliconera & EPD.TV
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Game Director Patrick Moran on Avengers Initiative

Jose catches up with Avengers Initiative game director Patrick Moran to discover how Marvel's best heroes are getting their own mobile game


September 12 – EP Daily – Full Show

We get more behind the scenes intel on Resident Evil: Retribution, including new details on the 3D visuals and horrifying special effects; Jose dives under the sea with the makers of Finding Nemo to find out how they brought the film into the third dimension; Vic and Scott wonder why most networks still use conventional TV seasons that start in the fall and end in the summer; Miri tells us what to expect when you sail beyond the black rainbow with the latest Blu-rays in the Sonar; Jose catches up with Avengers Initiative game director Patrick Moran to discover how Marvel’s best heroes are getting their own mobile game; Steve and Raju take a look at three iOS applications that will teach you new things about the globe; and finally, Briana finds out how Zen Pinball 2 is taking a bite out of Plants vs. Zombies with its latest table.

And this if those up top don't work for you.
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September 12 - EP Daily - 6

It's a bit boring tbh. It's very repetitive. Not worth $7
Well it might be worth the $7 once they've added all the other characters....
another Review


Avengers Initiative (iOS)

Shaun and Marissa commence the Avengers Initiative.

alturnative that's them doing the review in this it.


October 22 – Reviews on the Run – Full Show

Victor and Scott begin a week-long celebration of the GameCube, get scores on the go with Sports Update Apps, commence the Avengers Initiative, The Avengers assemble on Blu-ray, and get a Second Opinion of Dishonored.

The REview
Shaun and Marissa took part in the Avengers Initiative, great graphic's and alternate costumes they didn't like the default pants on hulk(wasn't the reason for the scores) and they missed the actual voice of Samuel L Jackson.(had nothing to do with the scores ether) but they found it repetitive compared to infinity blade (need's more varied moves) and too Expensive.

Marissa's score 5.5 Shaun's score is a 6.0

source:EPD.tv/ ROTR
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