Batman:The Jigsaw Puzzle


Jun 22, 2005
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I don't know if this has been done before, but when I Saw the movies it was so obvious to me, that this should be done. So let's begin:

Darkness. Everywhere, darkness. His hands were free, but his legs were chained down to something. He was a little dizzy and his limbs were numb, so he had obviously been drugged to get there. Where ever "there" was.

It was quite obvious that whoever kidnapped him knew who he was, or what he was worth, and could have killed him already if that was the intention. But he deduced that someone had other things in mind. But who was clever enough or skilled enough to capture Bruce Wayne...The Dark Knight.

Batman: Night of The Jigsaw Puzzle.

Bruce sat up in the darkness. The air was very dry and hot, and the floor felt crusted. Because it was winter, he figured that he must have been in some kind of top floor or attic, because heat rises. If he were being held in a basement then it would be cold and humid.

He moved his leg. The chains were thick, and he deduced that they were locked around a pipe. Nothing else would hold him that is stationary in a house.

"Awake? I estimate you've already been conscious for several minutes. But your movements gave you away." A creepy deep voice spoke out from above. It was hard for Bruce to tell if it was actually a man or if the voice was being masked by speech technology.

Bruce said nothing.

"We all have sins. Vices, if you will. But some people deny themselves and live a lie. A doctor who cheats on his wife, but claims to love his family? A snitch who'd watch someone take punishment but not be willing to suffer any themselves?"

"Why have you brought me here?"

"Your sins are the worst of all. You've bought super powers and tried to create your own definition of justice. You send masked men and crazies, who prowl the night, to Arkham. Having little thought that you are also a masked night stalking psycho. You talk of protection but put children in costumes and send them to fight homicidal villains.Your hypocrisy must be brought to light."

"What do you want?"

"Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown. How many more children should die in your hands?"

"Who are you?"

"As a detective, clues are not hard to find. So I'll leave all the work to you. X-Marks the spot."

The lights flickered on with a low electric crisping. Bruce was wearing nothing but boxers. Which ever criminal had kidnapped him must have known that he would utilize anything to escape. If the villain had left a tape and a tape recorder, even that could have been used by the Dark Knight.

The room was less of a room and more of an abandoned bathroom. There were hardly any other objects in the room besides a bath tub, the door, broken glass and a trashbag.

Above, there were lights. And on the wall by the door, there was a camera and a wall speaker.

The ground was rough and crusty, but the bag lay just beyond the glass. He would have to lay in it to get through. It was spread out so that, no matter what, he would end up bleeding.

*[I doubt that I can make this as graphic as the Saw movies. So edit out the scene that would go right here. And replace it with a clip of bunnies in a field]*

He knew how to endure pain, so he ignored the blood and cuts and opened the trash bag. Inside it was a key and a taser. He put the taser back in the bag, and went on trying to think of what to do next.

He waited moments before continuing on in trying to get out. Acting too quickly can often mean death.

The key was to his chains, and so he let himself free and made his way to the door, jumping over the glass. As he landed, the floor gave way and he landed in an area half filled with water.

Luckily for him, the taser was not submerged, thanks to the bag.

"This water is polluted. Just like your city of Gotham is polluted with sin. Do you know what happens when you stay too long in pollution? You become polluted too."

There was no way back up, and no visible door. It would be too easy to have him just soak up whatever poison was in the water, the mastermind obviously wanted him to get soaked. Bruce looked down, under the water. There was a door.

"You're just leading me. I refuse to play your stupid games. This whole time you've been leading me where you want me to go."

"Things are hard when you don't already have the answers for them, aren't they? It's easy to take down someone if you know their weakness, it's easy to deactivate a device if you understand technology. But it's not so easy to survive when you have no utility belt and nothing to work with. This place could be your coffin. But it could also be---"

"ENOUGH!! I don't want to hear anymore of your psychotic rambling. Whatever you want from me, you're not getting. I have no cash for you, I have no secret identities for you to attempt some kind of black mail, and I will not beg."

"No. Not now, you won't. You don't understand what you're dealing with, Batman. When you've been watched for days. When Mr.Pennyworth is gardening, Grayson is off fighting crime, Drake is trying to be a real boy, Barbra is aiding other heroes....You're all alone. No one is watching the back of the man who watches everyone else. The only person more paranoid than you is probablly The Question or Blue Beetle. And Kord was unplugged."

"This is a world of heroes. The villains are actually only a small percentage. The world is mostly in peace. We just have occasional problems. And Gotham is a place with problems that need correcting. Those people do their best. I do my best. To make the city a good place. If you're going to attempt to use psycology. Try it on someone who does not see the whole picture. We've helped Gotham out over the years. Though your games are good, Jason."

"Jason? Jason Todd. No. You can call me Jigsaw. And my games are not as good as yours. You wanted me to tell you my name just now. You've been stalling to get me to talk. You think I'm quick to anger and so by arguing I'll give you more information, as I already have all of yours. Try again, Batman. Your time's almost up."

A long silence before Jigsaw speaks again.

"Oh, and Robin, Pennyworth, Barbra and Nightwing are all here. They're all depending on you to save them. An old medic from world war two can do nothing by himself. A boy may be smart, but he can't survive alone. Grayson is growing up to be just like you. But he is not you, not yet. And a riddle for you....How far can a cripple girl run? We'll have some fun with her won't we? Tic Toc batman."

[I shall stop here. No time....I'll finish this later, but tell me what you think of it so far.]
It's defintely an interesting twist that does and would work with the Dark Knight. So far it's a smooth story and I'm eager to see more.
Wow, thanks, man!! I guess that's a sign that I should work on part 2 now. Here I go...Though I'm going to make it more like a movie script now instead of a "story" format.
[Barbara Gordon. Sitting in her wheel chair with her hands tied behind her back, she begins to awaken. She's surrounded by many many lights. It's almost blinding to keep her eyes open. So she squints and stares down at the floor.]

Barbara:What's going on? Where Am I--

[When her eyes focus, she sees a red "X" painted on the ground with razor wire laying over it. Just when she begins to think of how to use it to escape, a door opens somewhere behind the light. A creepy puppet rides in on a tricycle.]

Puppet: Hello, Barbie. Want to play a game? A game called retribution. Your life has been riddled with mistakes and vices. You were crippled, and continue to attempt fighting crime.

[Shot of Barbara's face. Shocked.]Barbara: What? Who are you?

[Shot of the puppet from behind. You can see Barbara struggling to see him.]Puppet: You throw your life away with out any care for the people around you. So I'm going to make you value your life.

[Noticing that the puppet is not a man. She begins to look around.]Barbara: You must be some kind of sicko to kidnap a girl in a wheel chair. I can't even run from you. I bet you feel like a real man, huh?

[Close up on the puppet's eyes. The swirls on the cheeks are visible.]Puppet: Fear of death is nothing, because, like I said, you throw it away everyday. You and all the other masked freaks. But would you be so willing to sacrifice someone else's life? Your lover is in this building somewhere. Only he's dying from a poison. Dick Grayson was injected, and is slowly dying. But you have part of the cure. Someone else in the house has the other part. But the doseage is only enough for him. Anyone else who gets poisoned will have to die so that he would live.

Barbara: Twisted games I refuse to play.

Puppet: [it begins to back out] Funny how everyone says that. You are a piece of a puzzle, if you choose not to act. People will die. And if you make the wrong choices people will suffer.

Barbara: So this is supposed to make me "regret" helping in the real world? The lesson you're teaching contradicts your motives. You're just a psychopath who likes torturing people. You have no valid reasons behind your games. Neither do any of the other crazies...You belong in Arkham.

[The puppet disapears behind the bright lights, and then the lights go out, it's pitch black now.]
Puppet: Your worst enemy is your saving Grace.

[Silence. Barbara waits it out but then starts trying to undo the ropes. They were done too well to escape from. Remembering the red "X" on the ground, she makes herself fall over and begins to rub her hands and the rope against the razor wire. In a few minutes blood is everywhere, but the ropes begin to break. Just then she hears groaning from a familiar voice..]

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