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The Dark Knight Rises Batman villain showdown (for 3rd film) Penguin vs. Ventriloquist & Scarface


May 6, 2003
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Throwing a tournament of the villains from Batman's world to determine which villain should be in the next Batman film or should be considered. Here is the tournament layout if you are wondering...
*Note: Joker, Scarecrow, Ra's, The Riddler, Two Face,Mr. Zsasz have already been depicted are rumored to be in the franchise so far.

Group 1:
Penguin vs. Ventriloquist & Scarface
The Reaper vs. The Phantasm
Harley Quinn vs. Anarky
Catman or Calendar Man vs. Maxie Zeus or Gearhead
(-Play-in Matches:
-Catman vs. Calendar Man
-Maxie Zeus vs. Gearhead)

Group 2:
The Red Hood (Jason Todd) vs. The Black Mask
Lady Shiva vs. Deadshot
Catwoman vs. Talia al Ghul
Holiday or Hangman vs. Temblor or Kabuki Twins
(-Play-in Matches:
-Holiday vs. Hangman
-Temblor vs. Kabuki Twins)

Group 3
Clayface vs. Killer Croc
Bane vs. Lock-Up
Man-Bat vs. Killer Moth
TGWS or Prometheus vs. Solomon Grundy or Rumor
(-Play-in Matches:
-The Great White Shark vs. Prometheus
-Solomon Grundy vs. Rumor)

Group 4:
Poison Ivy vs. Mr. Freeze
David Cain vs. Azrael
Professor Hugo Strange vs. Mad Hatter
Hush or Sin Tzu vs. Red Claw or The Clock King
(-Play-In Matches:
-Hush vs. Sin Tzu
-Red Claw vs. The Clock King)

Today's match-up:
Penguin vs. Ven & Scarface... who would you want to be in the next batman film and pick an actor/actress you would like to see playing them.



Ventriloquist & Scarface
I'd go with The Penguin and either have Danny Devito reprise him or totally run the other way with the character.

Update him, redesign the character, and make him modern. Not sure how at this point at the night since its getting late, but I am sure someone has good ideas they'd like to share on an updated Penguin.
I'd hate for either of them to be the main villains.
I'd love to see the Ventriloquist because we haven't seen him on film before, but ultimately if it came down between the two of them, I think Penguin would be the more realistic, and thus more fitting choice for this franchise.

That said, I'd probably pick either Philip Seymour Hoffman or Ian McShane (who would help keep up the number of quality Brit actors).
never thought about Ian McShane as the Penguin...


that's him without his mustache... would that be more fitting for the Penguin?
two more votes and I will unveil the next poll. Right now Penguin would be moving on.
Well, I'm biased. I love the Philip Seymour Hoffman Ventriloquist picture that's been floating around. I think Killingyouguy made it?
The worst Ventriloquist could do is hit someone over the head with his dummy, and he wouldn't even do that because he thinks Scarface is a real person. Penguin at least has his umbrella weapons.

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