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Batman Willing To Kill How Far Will He Get?



batman has 1 day of prep for each person(s) plus i posted this cuz i noticed this website dosen't have a vs. forum.

wonder woman


green arrow


the rest of the jla
Batman already has plans to take down all of them.

WW - Wine, dine, and 69.

Deathstroke - blind his other eye, severe skull-****ing ensues.

Green Arrow - Bats would wave some strange pu**y in Green Arrows face, then a Bat *****-slap would stop Ollie cold.

Superman - 1 word: Kryptonite.

JLA - Read Tower of Babel.
i never read tower of babel what happens? plus do u think he has the gut to hit w.w
If Grant Morrison wrote it, he could beat them all. And all before the 3rd inning of the Mets game. :cool:

Tower of Babel was an arc of JLA where Ra's Al Ghul stolen a plan to beat the entire Justice League from Batman. And it almost worked.
batman2505 said:
wonder woman
Microscopic VR robot giving her a simulation of endless battle until she gets a heart attack.

Deathstroke has beaten Batman before, TWICE. In Infinite Crisis it took Batman, Robin, and Nightwing to take him down.

green arrow
Simple fight

Green or red kryptonite

the rest of the jla
Jay Garrick, Jessie Quick, Bart Allen, and Wally West: Vibra-Bullet
Tempest, Lorena Marquez, and Orin: Scarecrow's fear toxin to make them fear the water which they would need
Elongated Man and Plastic Man: Mr. Freeze's freezing chemicals
Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders: simple fight once the Nth metal wings are removed
Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart: trick their minds into thinking they are blind, that or steal their rings when they fall asleep
Martian Manhunter: nanites that cause the skin to catch on fire once exposed to oxygen
Dinah Lance, Arsenal, Mia Dearden, and Connor Hawke: simple fight

That's all I can think of right now
batman2505 said:
batman has 1 day of prep for each person(s) plus i posted this cuz i noticed this website dosen't have a vs. forum.

The site does. This section does not.

If you go to The Comics -> DC Comics section you will see if you look a DC Comics Character Tournament I believe it is called where they have rounds on voting on who would win in a fight. I do not think people discuss how they would beat them but still. Course, that is with any 2 DC characters against eachother so not like there are lot of Batman Vs "Insert superhero here" battles.

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