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Batman Year One Concept Art, Can Anyone Help Me Find The Pictures?


it ends here...........
Nov 11, 2004
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does anyone remember awhile back before batman begins was decided on that they were going to make a batman year one movie? During that time they had released concept pics of about 20 different costumes that they were thinking of using, there were some that resembled the comic book style, some that looked like movie style, and a few that were completely original and different, like one that had resembled the red robin outfit from kingdom come. in all of this they also had a batmobile concept that i think draxhel studios had drawn up for them to. if anyone out there can post pics or a link that remembers those concept drawings, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone, :batman: :up:
Woah, really? Don't remember seeing those. I want them too.
Those links in there won't work for me when I dl them :(
thank you snipe for helping me find those drawings, there as i had remembered, thank you alot

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