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Batman: Year One concept art


Jul 27, 2004
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can anyone post all of the concept art from the Year One project? I remember it being posted awhile ago, and i saved all the pictures, but recently, my computer crapped out, and they got deleted. So can anyone hook me up with the concept art? It would be much appreciated.
there wasn't much for the aronofsky film. most of it was from other "YEAR ONE" related projects.

can't help with posting, though. i don't have them uploaded... i'm sure someone here has them, though. did you try the main SHH site?
man does anyone have these in .jpeg the .art files won't work for me
pwl4life said:
man does anyone have these in .jpeg the .art files won't work for me
You can try saving them as bitmaps...

i did an edit job to that picture. I took the "Loin cloth" drawing, colored in the belt, traced over it in Microsoft Picture It!, took that, placed over that picture's belt, and colored all i didnt need.

I also darkened the yellow in the oval alittle bit, and colored in the eyes white. It looks really cool. Im thinking about coloring the buckle in the belt a silver-ish color, but it looks really cool with the light golden brown color i gave that, along with the rest of the belt.
When I go to the site I can't view the art files at all. They just appear as a red x.
Are they hosted anywhere else or can somebody post them (or email them)?

[email protected]
I like this logo but I like Begins logo better.

Me too

And the links on that site won't work for me
The Batmobile looks pretty good.most of it,and the film itself looked pretty awful.
Hey guys, could someone please post here the pictures from the link The Guard sent earlier? They are in ARTfilesand extremely hard to open. Would someone do this? It would be easier for eveyone. :)
Ah that's cool, thanks a lot Cain. I hadn't seen most of them. Thanks again.

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