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Beginning of an Idea


Jan 12, 2007
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This is the beginning to an idea I've had for a while for a comic. It's a cult horror throwback, that's intended to take some horror elements in a new direction. I realize that there are a lot of sites out there for things like this, but this being my favorite I post here first. If anyone is interested in working together through e-mails putting this together message me. Afterwards I'll give you more details on the plot. Also any artists who happen to read this and are interested message me as well. I set this up so each mini-paragraph is a panel.

A bolt of lightning crashes outside the barred window in the concrete wall of Dr. Lovecrafts castle.

On the table is the doctors assistant H.P. He is hideously deformed, with a hunched back. "My most beloved son, the time is upon us..."

The doctor grabs a large needle with a silver hued fluid in it.."No longer will you be mocked by the peasants..."

Outside the window another bolt of lightning crashes down.."So blinded by what they perceive as "Beauty," they can't see or feel what I can, what WE can son..."

The needle is injecting the serum into the eye like a lobotomy. H.P. whimpers.."The pain will subside soon enough stay calm and dwell upon your new birth."

H.P. closes his eyes, his fathers hand placed on his head. "If only your dear mother could witness it..."

A tear falls down Lovecrafts cheek.."You will know soon of the sacrifices I...WE have to make sometimes."

Another bolt of lightning illuminates the outside, a group of people have gathered on the property, a very angry group. A scream erupts from inside.

H.P. is screaming in agony as his body begins shifting, his skin rippling like waves. Lovecraft excitedly shouts, "It's working!"

A rock is thrown through the window, the shouting mob is trying to break in."IT"S COMPLETE!!!"

Lovecraft has a large grin on his face, tears of joy flowing, on the table lies H.P. now a 15 year old kid. "Dad?" "My boy."

The large metal doors to the lab burst open with a bang, the mob had gotten in.

Lovecraft hugs his son. "We will go together, we will celebrate this with your mother, all of us together ag..."

A rock hits Lovecraft in the head, knocking him out."FATHER!!!"

H.P. stands, his eyes now completely silver."You dare!"

His skin starts rippling again, only now he smiles."YOU DARE TO INTRUDE UNINVITED ON MY REBIRTHDAY!"

Static fills the screen, it was a movie. "No, no, no."

Franky, a 24 year old slacker kneels in front of his vcr, which is making a weird noise. "Don't be broken, don't be broken..."

Franky sits on the floor a vhs in his hand with the film protuding from it stuck in the vcr.

His face turns angry. "Jess!!!"

He stands up. "Jess!!!"

He starts walking out of the room, "Jess!!!"

He walks into the kitchen, his mom is doing dishes. "What are you yelling about?" She asks him. "Where is that deadite disguised as a little girl?" He replies.

He turns around to leave before getting an answer. "Remember that thing called school? The thing you decided to leave two weeks before graduation. The thing your sister goes to every weekday."

Franky scrunches his face in agitation.

He turns around to face his mom again. "You let her use my vcr to watch her god awful show that she won't let you throw away, and now it's busted!"

His mom is now visibly agitated as well, she dries her hands with a towel. "I don't understand why you don't just use the dvd player, don't you own that movie on dvd anyways?"

Franky grabs an apple off a table. "Because it's an entirely different viewing experience, it's like dad with his typewriter, he swore off writing his novels on a computer, for the same reason I REFUSE to watch an awesome cult horror film on dvd!"

His mom rolls her eyes. "Fine, I'll give you some money for a new used one, I'm sure you know where to find one."

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