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Best Graphic Novels turned TV series available on DVD?



Let the voting begin!

I would make a poll, but it would be too complicated with all the possibilities, so just write copy and paste the following, with your votes:

Best Batman series:

Best X-Men series:

Best Spiderman series:

Best Superman series:

Best.... well, I'm new here, and not too knowledgable... so please add to the lists of all the other comics you think have noteworthy television series adapations. Maybe Fanastic Four, and hopefully other less known ones...

Last but definitely not least, think of all the tv series' you have seen, and it doesn't matter which graphic novel(s) it was based on, just -

What's the BEST graphic novel to TV series adaption available on DVD right now, be it Spider-man, or some much more below the radar series... some rare japanese anime... really, anything flies. Best TV series based on a graphic novel or comic book that's currently available on DVD:

Let the voting and nominating (again, feel free to add more to the list) begin!!

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