Best movie soccer team?


Sep 23, 2005
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We officially started the 2006 World Soccer Cup (and in my country, that's a big deal),so:

Which is the best soccer team (fictional or real) ever featured in a movie?

Which was the more skilled? And which one was your favorite?

What do you think?
I like Mike Bassett: England Manager

That movie so funny...
dude... you've got to stop making these 'best movie __________' threads every time some new idea pops into your head. when i saw that guy's thread earlier today titled 'best car backing out of a driveway' thread, i really thought it was a serious thread you started until i saw the name of the poster wasn't you.

oh, and for the record, Shaolin Soccer has the best soccer team.
Yah, no one can beat Shaolin's team. Except maybe that team that had Air Bud playing for them.
those guys from Alive who ate each other...they were a soccer team, right?
i think you will find its the team in escape to vicory. they beat the nazis
logansoldcigar said:
i think you will find its the team in escape to vicory. they beat the nazis

how couldn't they? they had Pelé and Silvester Stallone! :up:
Captain Tsubasa
it's a tv show, but it also had some movies.
It was amazing, they could spend a whole episode freezed in an inner monologue thinking how he should kick the ball.
The Manchester United team from Eurotrip. Nobody partied like them all the where missing was Posh Spice.

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