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Apr 9, 2004
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(1)Diane Pershing (Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley/Poison Ivy)Batman: The Animated Series

(2)Uma Thurman (Poison Ivy /Dr. Pamela Isley) BATMAN & Robin
Diane was the best, her Ivy was way better than Uma's. Her Ivy looked hot, & had that sexy voice.
American_Hobo said:
i just voted Uman Thurman..LOL

What,why she wasn't Poison Ivy at all??????????? , Diane had the voice, And the way they drew her OMG :eek: :bomb: was as if she was a Supermodel :ooooooooooooooooo she was a real Hottie :p :up:
Lord Vader said:
Uma, bc shes not a cartoon chracter.

Why, She ruined Poison Ivy, (1) Ivy is suppose to have a nice "Package" where when you look at her, you can't take your eyes off her. Uma, doesn't look like that kinda Ivy.

Pershing dammit! Uma was hot, but she was completely non-Ivy.
Kal-El 8 said:
Why??????????????? She sucked Big time.

yep.. But she still look great in my opinion, I blame Joel schumacher nuff said :p
Kal-El 8 said:
Why??????????????? She sucked Big time.

so do you expect Diane Pershing to get all the votes?
if you have to disagree with all the people who voted for Uma,why did you even put her on the polls?
Diane Pershing by a long, long way. No one could have a more perfect voice for Ivy. She sounded so sexy...I'd kill for a voice like that!

Uma looked pretty good as a live action Ivy but script, direction and acting let her down. I thought her voice was okay but the sexiness did sound a bit forced.
her Boston accent came out too much, or wherever she's from it was distracting

besides her overacting was also distracting, and she had some ugly ass costumes, the only good one was the one she had on underneath the purple gorilla outfit *shudder*
Diane Pershing all the way. Did anyone else think she sounds like Katy Segall (Leela from Furturama and Peg on Married With Children?"
stupid question

to begin with, one is a cartoon, the other is not....
i voted uma, as i believe with a better script she could have been a great ivy, the potential was there, it was just wasted.

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