Black country communion - new rock supergroup about to explode on the music scene


Jun 8, 2007
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A new rock supergroup, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, is about to explode on the music scene at the end of september (september 21) with their self-titled debut cd. The sound of this band seems to be that of the rock music of the 1970's and 1980's. This band consists of 4 members:

1) JOE BONAMASSA - guitar and backing vocals (lead vocals on 2 songs and co-lead vocals on 2 other songs) Blues guitarist who himself exploded on the guitar/blues/rock music scene about a decade ago and is considered one of the best guitar players today if not the very best.

2) JASON BONHAM - drums Son of former Led Zeppelin drummer, Jon Bonham, and a former drummer of Led Zeppelin himself, also performed with Foreigner.

3) GLENN HUGHES - bass and lead vocals Formally of Deep Purple and a little bit with Black Sabbath. Glenn will bring that old rock vocal sound back to the music industry.

4) DEREK SHERINIAN - keyboards Formally of Dream Theater. Also performed with Alice Cooper and Kiss.

To listen to the song ONE LAST SOUL from the forthcoming cd, go to:

Here is the band performing live, the song is MISTREATED:

Interview with the band, part 1:

Interview with the band, part 2:

You can check out their site at: for more info on the band and if you are interested in getting their self-titled cd which I believe comes with a bonus dvd. If you pre-order the cd which is due out on september 21, it will be sent to you a week before this date which is the street date. You can also check your other music online sources for pre-orders if you'd prefer. Or check your local record store on if they're going to get the cd.
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Joe is awesome, and you can't beat the son of the great Jon Bonham. Looking forward to it.
There's also supposed to be a tour in 2011. I just hope this includes Canada.
I remember Glenn Hughes used to just destroy Coverdale on vocals when they both were in Purple. If he's got anything left he'll sound great.

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