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Dec 6, 2002
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hey everyone. i just wanted to let everyone know what im doing latey. so here are some posters to some of my upcoming projects.






Awesome list of projects. I'm loving Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange. Nikki is fantastic as Selina!

Is there any way to get a copy of the complete film, when it is complete? Besides the version that is on the site?
Have the site saved already but thanks for the link. I'll defintely be on the look out for it.

Eagerly awaiting the rest of it and the other projects you have ahead.
anybody got any info on deadpool and typhoid mary's romantic involvement?
SpiderTime said:
anybody got any info on deadpool and typhoid mary's romantic involvement?

One of the best examples was a deadpool annual with Daredevil from 2000, I believe. I'll check tomorrow (as I have most of the issues from those runs)
SpiderTime said:
i have annual 98

Hmmm...don't think it's in there, but the Daredevil one could also be from 1999 as well...I should be able to go through my box tomorrow to make sure, and I can also tell you some good issues to look through.

I don't really read DEADPOOL/CABLE, so I'm not sure if there's still anything going on with them currently so what I can tell you would just be 5-8 years back.
cool. well whatever you can find, let me know. the more i know, the better the movie.
Ok, I was wrong about the year of that annual...but check your email...
nice site. thanks for the link. so any other ideas that ur working on? maybe a Marvel character next?
considering deadpool. we'll see how that goes. i really like him.
Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange was kinda cool for a fan film.:)

Powergirl: The Classifieds was cute.:)

When is the BlueBeetle film coming?
blue and gold shoots first on thursday, then towards mid summer ill try doing the blue beetle solo movie.

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