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Bought/Thought 2-28-13 - R.I.P.


Aug 4, 2003
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Pretty big week for me... sadly, I'm not too impressed with the selection. Eight comics and only two that I'd classify as pretty good. The rest were just mediocre. I considered buying Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1 but I don't know if I'm going to buy that title and the point one issue didn't really impress me enough to lay down $4 for it. If the first issue looks good enough to really impress me then I might go back and get 0.1.

Batman Incorporated 8 - The talk of the week thanks to the ending being ruined in the media. I love Damian. I've not been a big fan of Batman Incorporated but I love this character. Knowing that this was coming up, I went back and reread Incorporated from it's very beginning and WOW did I enjoy it. I think it reads SO much better in one sitting and suddenly I'm excited for the rest of Morrison's run.

Now, that said, let's get to the issue at hand. I thought it was really good. Morrison was wise to give the reader one more Dick and Damian moment before offing the poor kid and I loved it. The whole issue really reminded me of why I love the character. And then came the ending. It was sadand heroic and a great ending... but I feel like it could have been more emotional... better. He came in to help out, took on his brother, and was essentially beat to death. I feel like he should have somehow went out in a blaze of glory, knowing that he was going to die but sacreficing himself to save others. I mean, he did die saving the girl but I don't think it felt quite as grandose as it could have.

But really, that's just a nitpick and it really was a good ending and I can't wait to see the fall out. Now I'm just hoping for a return in some way.

Justice League Dark 17 - This was a decent issue. It wasn't fantastic by any means but I enjoyed it. I've loved this title but I'm not enjoying this arc as much as previous ones. I do really like having Frankenstein around and hope he sticks with the book. Xanadu predicts that not everyone will make it out of this world and Lemire's echoed that in interviews. I'm not sure who would be left behind but I'm hoping it isn't Constantine, Deadma, Zantana, or Frankenstein. I have a feeling Black Orchid is leaving. Beyond that I don't know.

Still, decent issue. I liked it, but I'm ready for the next arc.

Aquaman 17 - I really liked this issue. I've never thought there would come a day when Aquaman would be one of my favorite titles... and yet... here it is. I loved Throne of Atlantis and this issue picks up where that one left off. Geoff Johns does a great job as usual and Paul Pelletier does an even better job than Reiz or whatever his name was.

The story serves as a bridge from the Throne of Atlantis to the next arc. We see people's reactions to Aquaman taking the throne and how that will be causing isues for above and below the sea, and then we see who he's really doing all this for. It was a simple but enjoyable issue. I'm really glad Justice League crossed over with this title or I wouldn't know what I was missing.

Uncanny Avengers 4 - Well, Cassiday's last issue and thank God. He's a good artist but much too slow and the soul reason that I've lost all interest in this title. Also, that final page of Onslaught with the Red Skull's face looked horendous!

That said, the issue as decent at best. After a decade of heroes fighting heroes seeing Havoc and Wanda fighting Thor bored me to tears. Red Skull's never been a big villain for me and I'm just glad the arc is over. The next arc is what's really got me curious and the final scene of this one foreshadowing it has me even more curious (specifically Onslaught and Ahab).

So yeah, decent issue. I'm glad Cassiday's gone and maybe I can now begin enjoying this title.

Young Aveengers 2 - This was a decent issue but I was disappointed that Kate wasn't in it. We get the impression that Wiccan's parents might still be alive but overall it's just a strange issue. Kid Loki does nothing for me yet so his being a decent focus here meant nothing, and while I like Hulkling and Wiccan, this plot isn't really grabbing me.

I'm enjoying the title but I hope this plot doesn't linger too long. And I still feel that the title is hurting without Patriot, Speed, Stature, and Jonas. I know Speed is supposed to show up in issue 6 but he needs to be back full time. I actually wouldn't mind seeing the Young Masters show up too. I thought they made for a great opposing team.

Daredevil 23 - My shop didn't get this in until this week so I just got it. I won't go over the plot since it's a week old but I thought it was decent. The ending was sad but expected and I'm curious if Waid's going to carry the cancer plot to it's fullness or if he'll help Foggy beat it. Either way should be a good story. I still miss the darker feel of previous writers, meaning Waid's run isn't as good for me, but it's still good and I enjoy it.

Uncanny X-Force 2 - I just don't know about this book. I'm not overly enjoying it. I don't care for Humphries' take on some of these characters, though Garney's art is good. I REALLY don't like the Fantomex plot and wish that would have been played entirely different somehow... so much that he went from one of my favorite current characters to one that I get a bad taste just reading about.

To be honest, Bishop is the only reason I've not dropped this book. I'm glad to see that he's back and that he somehow lost that stupid Cable arm and glowing eye (I don't even care if they never explain how). He's also possessed somehow and I'm HOPING that they use that to somehow explain away the terrible things he'd done in the past. I'm glad that Psylocke and Storm seemed to be glad to see him, which tells me a redemption story is possible. Here's hoping.

Uncanny X-Men 2 - Decent issue but nothing impressive. I have two issues with this title: 1) Bachalo's art, and 2) the cast. I don't care about these new kids, I don't care about Magik, I don't like Mageto's design, and I can't STAND Emma. Really, the only thing I LIKE about this book is Cyclops. The writing is fine and the plot is alright, still early and developing, but I just can't get into the book due to the previous mentioned issues.

Hopefully the plot will pick up so that I can enjoy the title more. It's definately the lesser of Bendis' X-Men titles so far.

Best and Worst of the Week

Best: Batman Incorporated 8 - It got a lot of press and I feel like it had a good pay off. I won't conclude it's effects until Morrison's run is over, as I still feel like Damian could return, but the issue itself was very enjoyable. I've never looked forward to Batman Incorporated... until now.

Worst: Uncanny X-Force 2 - As I said, if Bishop wasn't in the book I'd have dropped it after last issue. This issue did nothing to change that. Chances are that the length of Bishop's stay on the title could determine the length of MY stay... unless I don't like his new direction, then I might just drop it. We'll see.
Diamond List or B/T?

Uncanny Avengers ended on a strong note as far as I'm concerned. I've said it oh, a billion times but Cassaday killed this initial arc that should have ended about 3 months ago. On the story side, it ended semi-strong. I pretty much knew that there was not going to be a rock solid resolution and the Skull would escape. If this thing had shipped on time it would have been a good arc to set the tone of the series, instead, it's like "what's the point?" I refuse to bail on it though, Remender's track record is too good and the ending was really bizarre in a good way. I don't know what Remender is playing at here but I wanna see what happens on the Onslaught/Headless Xavier front.

Uncanny X-Force continues to be pretty good. I'm enjoying the script, the characters are fun and Garney's art is looking better than ever. Very 90's-ish and retro with a hint of Jim Lee style in some of the faces. I want to see what Humphries does with the Psylocke and Phantomex's. The whole Bishop "HWROOAAR" thing freaked me out and I started thinking "oh boy, here we go" but Humphries made it clear in the last few pages that it was somewhat of a parody, setting the scene in the last panel that something is possessing the former time displaced X-Man.

Punisher WarZone finished as about as perfect as you could want if you have been reading the book from the start of Rucka's run. It's sad that it ended between he and Marvel the way that it did. I'm glad Cole survived this but I'd say that there's a 99% chance that she's heading to Marvel limbo out of spite. It would be great if she returned one day but for now it's off to catch up on some Thunderbolts to see what happened to Frank next.
What in the world?! That's what I get for trying to type reviews while watching the Talking Dead.

Would Corp or any other mod want to fix the title of the thread? My bad.

And I had a thought recently. Instead of creating new Bought/Thought and Diamond List threads every week... why don't we just create an ongoing thread for each? I considered naming this one some ongoing title but thought I'd ask before doing it.

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If it was one big thread people could post more reviews on titles not released that week.

Decent haul this week.

Uncanny Avengers #4: I'm so mixed on this series. The delays haven't affected my opinion because it doesn't affect the writing or the story. What I did like: Rogue was seriously awesome in this issue. She actually sounded like the classic Rogue that I like. Remender is totally saving this character for me after Legacy. I liked how it critiqued American society, and there was a lot of truth in what the Red Skull said. It was refreshing to see Captain America wavering in his beliefs instead of being so 2-demensional about everything. It's also addresses the "mutant issue" really well, and it's succeeding in headlining the integration aspect.

What I didn't like: Hero vs Hero again. The annoyingly cheesy narration boxes that described everything. Why even have art if the narration just explains everything? The ending was... kinda lame. Did the 90s puke all over the Red Skull? And, what's going to be an ongoing critique of the title, there are better characters that I'd want to see fighting for Xavier's dream. I just can't bite that Wolverine and Captain America are Xavier's dream personified.

Uncanny X-men #2: This issue was a huge improvement of the last, and was almost great. Emma and Scott had a great scene which really shows how great the two of them were together. I know people have mixed feelings about the two of them together, but I thought they worked really well and the relationship was developed nicely over the years. I'm not upset that they broke up, because it served a good story purpose, but I'm glad that Bendis acknowledges how meaningful the two are to each other. Emma's also more interesting than she's been for the past year or two. Bendis is also getting way better at writing Magik, who is a lot more severe and intense, and not the valley girl he has been writing. The new school was surprisingly legit. I'm loving how much of an underdog this team is.

What prevents it from being great is the art. Bachelo does some cool panel work, but I still can't get past the ugly designs and the way he draws the students. The students themselves don't excite me, but perhaps they'll grow on me. And I still don't believe Magneto is working with Shield and the Avengers!

Young Avengers #2: A good issue that keeps the plot moving. Not much to say about it really. I love Kid Loki's dialog, and the paneling was really cool. Especially the pages where Wiccan was in that white prison. Good twist ending. But yeah, not much to say, which is probably a good thing!

FF: This book is awesome. That is all. I could read about the Jen and the moloids all day.

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1: I'm a Guardians of the Galaxy virgin so I thought I'd get some back story. Solid origin story, though a little predictable and unoriginal. Can't wait for the real #1.

Uncanny X-force #2: I'm going to drop it after this issue. The awkward writing, weird team dynamic, uninteresting plot, and the black censor marks on every page really turned me off of this series. I don't care about the stories being set up. If I want to read about Storm and Psylocke I'll just wait for X-men. So with Marvel Now I've dropped both X-force titles.
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Batman Inc. #8: My favorite comic this week (it always is). I just love Damian's little "fist and palm" pose right before or after a fight. Burnham draws him so well. The only thing I was really disappointed in was the cover. I much preferred the Burnham cover with Bruce and Damian battle-ready (didn't the solicits show that one?), but I was upset to find out that it was the variant, and the RIP one was the standard cover. Didn't feel like paying $14.99, so I grabbed the RIP one.

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan: The two series that I was looking forward to the least from the BW series (this and Ozymandias) ended up being two of the best. IGN gave this issue a 9.8, and I think it deserves it. JMS told a wonderfully creative and meaningful story here. The span of time in between these issues did make me forget a little though. I'm sure it's gonna read well back to back.

FF #4: Holy hell I'm loving this series. This issue is almost entirely set on a She-Hulk date with the some of the kids trying to screw it up. The art is just sublime, and it's one of the most fun books on the stands.

Uncanny Avengers #4: I really liked this issue, and yes the delays hurt the flow, but overall I really enjoyed this arc. I would like to see a bit more on Rogue though. She's one of the main reasons I'm reading this book, and her part in this arc left me a little underwhelmed, but hopefully the book improves a bit next arc. And I did like Remender's use of the description boxes. Even if they're sort of unnecessary in a comic book, they were well-written.

Still need to read Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, and last month's reduced price books (Red Lanterns, Aquaman, Superman)

Series that I'm reading that are either old, or I'm just slowly catching up on: Saga, Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1, X-23, New X-Men
X-23 was a good series. New X-Men... is that Morrison's X-Men run or the student book? Both were good :up:
Morrison's run. I picked up the entire run during a 99 cent sale, months and months ago, but just now getting to it now that I have the iPad. Comics are so much more enjoyable on it than reading on a phone or computer.

Also yeah, X-23 is the recent Marjorie Liu book. Read issue 1 and thought it was great.
It had high and slow points but overall I thought it was a fantastic series. It was my favorite stuff with Laura. Sadly, I don't think her character's been done justice since.
She was good in Avengers Academy but now they got her in that damned Hunger Games book.
-Hawkeye #8 was delightful. Aja's art was wonderful, and the fake covers inserted throughout the issue were charming. The last 2 pages were very intriguing. Great book.

-Ultimate Comics X-men 23 was also pretty good. I've been really eager to see what happened to Colossus and Storm once the camp was liberated, so it's nice to see this addressed. This issue did a great job fleshing out Storm's character. I love that she is different than regular Storm. I don't like ultimate versions of characters being carbon copies. She is much younger and more kind hearted, but she still has the strong will and determination that Ororo is known for. Good stuff.
Did anybody read X-Men Legacy this week? Supposedly the end tied into the fast forward scenes at the end of Uncanny Avengers #4.
I really liked Uncanny X-Men #2, but...

Why is Cap yelling "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" as they're all together flying out of that jet?
Cuz 'Murica.
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The feast or famine schedule seems to have been the theme for February. Only 3 books as the month ends. The wallet rejoices.


TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SECRET HISTORY OF THE FOOT CLAN #3: The spare mini-series to IDW Comics' main TMNT comic book series with the title that just rolls off the tongue. As usual for IDW's side series, it seeks to flesh out an element of the Ninja Turtles' world which the regular title doesn't quite have the time for. The first "micro-series" covered the heroes, and this four issue series is covering the titular Foot Clan in general and the Shredder in particular. Dr. Miller, a history professor teaching at the college which April and Casey attend has dug up new secrets about the Foot Clan. Little does the professor know that the clan didn't die out with Feudal Japan, and he is quickly snatched up by the villains for use in their cabal. The Turtles and their human allies quickly mount a rescue, which includes a rematch against the Shredder, his grand daughter Karai and even the ninja fox mutant Alopex. Mateus Santolouco draws and co-writes this series alongside co-writer Erik Burnham and colorist Joao Vieira, and this issue is quite the action packed one. The spirit of the core series is maintained, and this issue ends with the professor in good hands while the bloody history of the Shredder's rise to power continues to unfold. It provides a fair parallel to the sci-fi epic currently happening in the regular series.

UNCANNY AVENGERS #4: Despite running roughly a month behind schedule, this series is as close to a "flagship" title that the new "Marvel NOW" editorial push has. It was the first released last fall as well as one being written by the red hot Rick Remender ("Secret Avengers", "Venom") and by A-list artist John Cassaday ("Astonishing X-Men", "Planetary"), alongside colors by Laura Martin. It embodies the current editorial spirit, which is to better mingle the worlds of Marvel's currently top franchise in the Avengers with their former top franchise of the 90's and early 2000's, the X-Men. Built upon the ashes of "Avengers vs. X-Men", this opening arc has seen six characters best known for both franchises (although such distinctions blur with Wolverine these days) unite to handle a crisis from a revived Red Skull.

In the previous issue, Red Skull has made horrific use of the psychic powers he has literally stolen from the brain of the deceased Professor X. He and his gang of genetically altered S-Men have led an assault upon NYC inciting mobs of anti-mutant hysteria and violence in the cloned Nazi villain's latest attempt of a "Reich Eternal". Things go from dire to catastrophic when Thor is under the Skull's sway and the entire island of Manhattan devolves into violent chaos. With even Wolverine down for the count, the remaining heroes (Havok, Capt. America, Rogue, and Scarlet Witch) have to pull it together to undo a psychic Nazi nightmare. While writer Ed Brubaker did great work for years with Red Skull, which climaxed in "Captain America Reborn", Remender has found an equally if not superior voice for the timeless villain. He captures the full brutal horror of the character, yet maintains a level of sophistication that makes him able to steal a scene without him becoming redeemed or noble. The highlight of the issue is clearly when Red Skull attempts to psychically convince Cap that their causes parallel more now than ever before, as current America is far from the ideals of yesteryear - a scene made all the more horrible when it seems that the Red Skull isn't entirely wrong about the state of the nation. Seeds for future stories are sewn with a final page which borders on both the awesome and the ridiculous. Homage is paid to the "days of future past" story from Uncanny X-Men, perhaps the hundredth time such an homage has been made since.

The art by Cassaday is up to his usual standard. Some of the costume designs are bland and he does have a tendency to make all his faces look "samey". On the upside, he usually excels at action and his rendition of Red Skull is certainly unique. The colors are also up to their usual high standard. The next issue will see Oliver Coipel take over the reigns of pencils, which is a boon since Cassaday has often struggled with any monthly scheduled comic. While this may not be a perfect opening arc to a team book, Remender does make sure to give every character their own voice as well as define that this is not a team which is together due to them being friends, but due to the necessity of the situation - bonds of friendship may follow, but only after it is formed in some iron and flame. The next issue promises more members and more of Remender's bizarre imagination, which should be good for readers all around.

YOUNG AVENGERS #2: Marvel's first foray into a regular Young Avengers ongoing series in nearly seven years continues along its merry and very quickly way as February comes to a close. Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton (with colorist Matt Wilson) continue to weave a brilliantly drawn yet bizarre adventure involving cross dimensional alternate mothers and adults who just don't get it. Wiccan's attempt to "wish" back the dead mother of his boyfriend Hulkling has resulted in the invitation of a dimensional parasite which seems to have dire consequences for their reality. Not even the adult Avengers are reliable as allies, as the pair quickly have to form a devil's alliance with the newer and younger manifestation of Loki - who acts more like a magical Amadeus Cho than the old school "god of evil". Hulking continues to get some much needed focus here, and there's a clever scene in which the art makes good use of panels for a magical prison. Half the team doesn't appear in this issue, but if that was always a demerit for a team superhero series then Brian M. Bendis wouldn't have a career. The series' energetic tone is maintained despite the bizarre adventure and the art is virtually as much of a draw as the story here. It looks like the team will be united by the second issue and whole some old time members are gone for the moment, these initial issues are onto some terrific stuff.
She was good in Avengers Academy but now they got her in that damned Hunger Games book.

I read maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the Academy title after she joined and skimmed the rest at the shop. She was handled well but it was still a gigantic step back from where Liu left her in her own title (character development-wise). That was actually the thing that made me officially drop the book. It was much too frustrating and distracting. I couldn't enjoy anything else going on around it.
Young Aveengers 2 - This was a decent issue but I was disappointed that Kate wasn't in it. We get the impression that Wiccan's parents might still be alive but overall it's just a strange issue. Kid Loki does nothing for me yet so his being a decent focus here meant nothing, and while I like Hulkling and Wiccan, this plot isn't really grabbing me.

I'm enjoying the title but I hope this plot doesn't linger too long. And I still feel that the title is hurting without Patriot, Speed, Stature, and Jonas. I know Speed is supposed to show up in issue 6 but he needs to be back full time. I actually wouldn't mind seeing the Young Masters show up too. I thought they made for a great opposing team.

I wish Patriot was still in the Young Avengers. Is anyone using that him right now?
No, but I want to say I read Gillen mention that he was off the table, which means someone has plans for him. Now, whether I'm remembering that correctly or not is another matter.
I guess Patriot could pop up in Captain America or Winter Soldier.

I always thought Amadeus Cho would make a good addition to the Young Avengers or Runaways
The last page of Flash.... AWW HELL YEAH
Alright, finally got a chance to read stuff. This was an outstanding week for me with the only disappointment being Uncanny Avengers, which was a mild disappointment at best. Tons of great comics this week.

Batman Incorporated #8 was just...wow. I'm really glad I put this on my pull list when I did, because it sold out very quick apparently and the first printing was very under-shipped...which means this is going to be worth quite a bit in a couple years (I'm 2-for-2 with this and ASM #698 recently). Morrison's bringing it...and I can't help but feel this will be a more permanent thing since he is the one who made the character in the first place.

Avenging Spider-Man #17 was once again superb. Yost's dialogue is great and his comedic timing is spot on. Is was somewhat disappointing that we didn't get to see him team up with the Fantastic Four half of the Future Foundation, but the kids weren't half bad as substitutes and it was fun watching Otto subjugate them by the end. Glad Yost also adressed why the Time Variance Authority doesn't interfere with Otto's plans, whatever they are. I have to wonder though...is what Otto is planning an Avenging-only thing or if it will tie-in to Superior Spider-Man? I'd expect something this supposedly devious to play a role in the other book as well, but meh, maybe it won't be needed. Chances are what Otto is planning isn't meant to be outright malicious, he just messes up in the process. Will be interesting watching how that unfolds regardless and what role the Jackel will play in it.

FF #4 was also great. Fraction is really good at writing these normal, day-to-day, slice of life stories that are a good change of pace from your regular action comic. I wasn't expecting this issue to be about a date between Jen and Wyatt after what happened at the end of last issue, so my expectations were subverted, but I am not at all displeased with what I got. Medusa also seems to have some ulterior motives or something. I wasn't sure whether that end scene was meant to be taken as Medusa plotting something or just acting as a Sue-like motherly figure, but given the conflict she instigated between future-Johnny and the team I'm going with the former...the cover for issue 5 also hints at Medusa messing with the team, so there's that as well.

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 was MUCH better than Nova. I can definitely get behind this. Something tells me that what was told in these pages will be pretty similar to the beginning of the GotG movie so it's good to get a taste of it. Looking forward to #1 in a few weeks.

Uncanny X-Men #2 was also good this week. After that first chapter started with a bang, it was nice to slow down and see the team actually talk to one another. I liked the beginning interaction with Scott and Emma which pretty much sets the status quo for them and makes you think they will indeed get back together at some point down the road. Very nice to see Bendis won't drag out the angst with them. The students themselves range from likable to at least bearable for me. I really like the girl they found in Australia who can stop time and the healer (their names escapes me) but the other students are somewhat annoying. In any case, that was a hell of an ending and it will be really fun to see how they deal with The Avengers coming after them...speaking of which reading this book from the perspective of the supposedly "evil" mutants is very insightful and interesting. The Avengers and SHIELD really do feel like their in the wrong here, with Scott only wanting to carry on Xavier's legacy and help the new mutants. Bendis does a great job of making Scott and his team sympathetic characters. Very interesting dynamics.

Uncanny Avengers #4 was...okay. The numerous delays have really taken the steam out of this title and it doesn't help that it doesn't even look like Cassady is trying to draw this book at his best anymore. Thank goodness Coipel will be on it starting form issue 5. That said, the last pages were very interesting and it looks like I'm going to have to go back and read some Onslaught stories to get ready. Also, pretty hilarious reading Red Skull take s **** on America.

Journey Into Mystery #649...I don't usually read this book but I took a look at it since I heard SpOck would be in it. Not a bad story, very fun and light hearted. I wasn't really sure of the context behind what was going on but I enjoyed the character interactions and the art quite a bit. If I weren't already swamped with books I would consider following this. But, alas, it is what it is.

Now I just have to get caught up with Hawkeye and Throne of Atlantis, which I've been holding off reading until all the books for it were released, and Aquaman 17 was the epilogue.
Uncanny Avengers #4 was...okay. The numerous delays have really taken the steam out of this title and it doesn't help that it doesn't even look like Cassady is trying to draw this book at his best anymore. Thank goodness Coipel will be on it starting form issue 5. That said, the last pages were very interesting and it looks like I'm going to have to go back and read some Onslaught stories to get ready. Also, pretty hilarious reading Red Skull take s **** on America.

Coipel's ONLY doing issue 5. Daniel Acuna is taking over after that, fortunately, I think Acuna is a perfect fit for this book... better than Coipel and expecially Cassiday.
I'd be down with just about anyone but Cassasdy at this point...anything to get this book coming out on a consistant basis. Looking forward to seeing Acuna's art.

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