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Superman Returns Brandon, Kate and Kevin To Be At MTV Movie Awards


May 30, 2004
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MTV News pre show coverage for the “2006 MTV Movie Awards” will kick off June 8th at 8:30pm ET/PT. Celebrity guest hosts Rihanna and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy will join MTV News correspondents Suchin Pak and Sway Calloway for all the pre-show frenzy. Together they will interview the biggest stars in music and movies as they arrive on the red carpet, as well as provide exclusive inside access backstage as the Movie Awards comes to life. The Movie Awards pre show will also deliver exclusive sneak peeks at some of Hollywood’s most anticipated films including “Miami Vice,” “Pirates of the Caribbean 2,” and “Superman Returns,” plus an exclusive first look at “Clerks 2” only on MTV Overdrive. Additionally, MTV News’ Suchin Pak will reveal to audiences the dress specially designed for her by Project Runway’s Santino Rice -- with an inside look at the making of the dress available on MTV Overdrive immediately after the pre-show.

Following the ceremony, MTV News will present the official post show performance by Australian power trio, Wolfmother who will perform on-air, as well as present a second performance exclusive to MTV Overdrive. Wolfmother, whose self-titled debut is already double platinum in Australia, was recently named one of the “Top 10 Artists To Watch in 2006” by Rolling Stone, and their single “Woman” is racing up the radio charts. On Overdrive, MTV News will also provide a complete recap of the night’s events with the official “2006 MTV Movie Awards” post show. Featuring interviews with the night’s big winners, looks at memorable performances by Christina Aguilera, AFI and Gnarls Barkley, and recaps of the night’s most outrageous moments, MTV News correspondents Suchin and Sway will capture all the post show reaction.

Fans online will be able to experience the full breadth of MTV News’ coverage by visiting MTV Overdrive at movieawards.mtv.com. In addition to pre and post show bonus coverage, MTV Overdrive will feature exclusive news and backstage interviews. Additionally, Overdrive will showcase performer diaries from AFI and Gnarls Barkley, following each performer as they prepare for their big Movie Awards moment, as well as their post-performance reactions.

With the biggest stars in music and film in attendance, the “2006 MTV Movie Awards” promises to be one of Hollywood’s most memorable nights. Presenters include Colin Ferrell, Jessica Simpson, Kevin Spacey, Samuel L. Jackson, Amanda Bynes, Dane Cook, Kate Beckinsale, Jamie Foxx, Owen Wilson, Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon, Will Ferrell, T.I., Kate Hudson, Ludacris, Rebecca Romijn, Kate Bosworth, Famke Janssen, John C. Reilly and Brandon Routh. Taking to the stage for unforgettable live performances are Christina Aguilera, AFI and Gnarls Barkley. Hosted by Jessica Alba, the “2006 MTV Movie Awards” will film June 3rd at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, CA, and premiere to audiences nationwide on Thursday, June 8th at 9pm ET/PT on MTV.

cool...sneak peak! hopefully it'll be part of a scene or somethin'
been expecting this.. i'm thinking parady like they did with begins.
Great news. I'll be tuning in to see what they show. Good promotion for the movie as well. Can't wait to see what sneak peek we get.
this is extreme old news.

but thanks anyway :D
the MTV Awards are Macrobiot-ICK!
thats cool...should get more word out to teens.
WOW! Cant wait for this :eek:

Intersting, will they show SR parody clip like it was with BB? :)
Pickle-El said:
The Movie Awards pre show will also deliver exclusive sneak peeks at some of Hollywood’s most anticipated films including “Miami Vice,” “Pirates of the Caribbean 2,” and “Superman Returns,”
Real sneak peeks or spoofs?
Cool!! I hope they show the new scenes from SR. Would be the icing on the cake if they also do the spoof too like they did with "Tankman Begins".
picle-el where did you get that awatar? where did you get plane rescue from STAS?
Ya, She was.





Quite an Epic moment :supes:
Isnt there also supposed to be some kind of Preview of SR during this thing :confused: I mean hell they already got the 3 Main Stars there

Courteney is hot :up:
ROBOCOP CPU001 said:
I would expect a parady.

Obviously a parady (how can they not spoof sr). But I would also imagine some kind of sneak peek thing during the Pre Show

And heres quite a horrifying image:


Thank goodness for Brandon Routh....

yummy! A bit skinny for my tastes, but still very cute.

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