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Bryan Cranston Was a Power Ranger!


Extra Terrestrial
Aug 6, 2009
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and Villain! Holy God could he be any more awesome?


That is so cool...He has come a long way and now he is the man on top
Title is misleading. He was never a Power Ranger. He just voiced some monsters of the day.
I remember that episode. That was Rita Repulsa's most intense and moody monster ever.
Wait, he was the dad in Malcolm in the Middle?? the ****???

That is mainly where I knew him from, but that was also when he was still starring on it. I'm mildly surprised how popular he's gotten but he's a good actor.
He also did voices in the anime Macross Plus.
Haha, I just watched those episodes of Power rangers last week. That is awesome. I loved him in MitM, but I've never honestly watched Breaking Bad.

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