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Can't Find Big Enough Condoms?

...so we've learned how to give a consenting female glass genitals?
I don't think I'd be putting that dang thing in my gf's hot...ness. mmm er wth... damn my mind going in the gutter tonight.
Umm, I think some people have too much time on their hands.
WTF are you guys on? That works for me!! I was trying to find a place that suits me..
Haha, that's pretty cool, I wonder what the science behind it is.

However, Trojan DOES already make magnum condoms not containing liquid glass :o
Hahahahahaha! :D Duu du duu du duu du duu du duudu duuuu

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your girlfriend.
If my penis was as thick as my wrist, I'd... well, I'd have to get all my pants tailor-made, and start wearing a lot of long coats to keep from embarrassing myself. Also, I'd have huge biceps from trying to jerk the thing.

That's right. I went there.
And this is appropriate for a message board that might have children under 13 browsing it?
Nothing like putting a radiator-chemical-doused rubber on your pecker then sticking it in your woman :up:
And this is appropriate for a message board that might have children under 13 browsing it?

At the rate kids are going these days...


My sister had a pregnant classmate in seventh grade. So, yeah, condoms are appropriate.

Hell, if it weren't for condoms, this world would probably be a lot worse off:o.

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