Captain America is a superhuman why doesn't Marvel admit it

He is the worst I mean worst artist to ever put pencil to paper and he's known for having 'ghost artists' draw over his crappy work and he has no concept of anatomy.

He also swipes ideas for drawing directly from other artists or magizines and such he is a total hack.

Yet he somehow still gets work.
He's a super soldier.....wouldn't that make him superhuman?
Lackey said:
that was just,.............................. wrong.:eek:
i always thought that in the 616 universe while cap was called a SUPER soldier his superiors always described him as peak human so when the avengers rescued him from the iceberg and gave him membership he didn't consider himself to have superpowers compared to giant man thor and the wasp
I think Cap is definitly a superhuman. His strenght and vulnerability is much better than a normal human would have.

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