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Sequels Cast The Legion of Doom

Eddie Dean

Oct 20, 2005
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This seems like the angle the sequel might go, so we already have...

Lex Luthor - Jessie Eisenberg
Deathstroke - Joe Manganiello
Dr. Sivana - Mark Strong
Black Manta - Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Bizarro - Henry Cavill

And then...

Brainiac - Colin Firth
Cheetah - Charlize Theron
Sinestro - Vincent Cassel
Gorilla Grodd - Toby Kebbell (hmmm)
Captain Cold - Jackie Earle Haley
Solomon Grundy - Rory McCann
Riddler - Raul Esparza
Toyman - Thomas Middleditch
Scarecrow - Adrien Brody
Giganta - Gwendoline Christie
Is that Skelator as Scarecrow ? (voice casting I mean)
If they are heading in this direction for a follow up, be interesting to see what line up they go for.

Most of all in all the films that follow I want a Joker meets Lex scene.
Colin Firth as Brainiac would be fun.

Wait for the inevitable "what about Trump" post

Seriously though, Penelope Cruz as catwoman. Lee pace as sinestro?
Michael Keaton - Lex Luthor
Brainiac I would go with Ralph Fiennes
As long as it's not Leto Joker!

You are aware Leto can act differently then in Suicide Squad. I think they could make some modifications to tone some aspects(irksome damaged tat) down but have a good foundation.
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I'm dying to see Grodd. Poison ivy might be fun and I couldn't see her being the main foe in a batman movie. Plus she would be great for Wonder Woman to fight.im still hoping for Christina Hendricks for her
Judging off the past and future DCEU films the line up could be:
Lex Luthor
Black Manta (once Aquaman is released)
Reverse Flash (once Flashpoint is released)
Cheetah (Gal has expressed interest in fighting her in a sequel so hopefully)
Black Adam (its safe to say that Captain Marvel will be in the sequel)

Not to familiar with any of Cyborgs rogues gallery so they may put in a villain from his solo movie (if it gets made) and add one or two more villains from Batman or hopefully MOS 2, Bizarro would be a good choice or surprise the Helk out of us with introducing Vandal Savage as Lex’s mysterious benefactor to his company, thus setting up his secret partnership with Darkseid for a third film.
If Black Adam is in then if Dwayne The Rock Johnson is still playing him then he would basically outshine all of his fellow members because look The Rock is larger than life already

Cheetah if she joins as for who should play her? I would go with Charlize Theron as well

Henry Cavill as Bizarro him playing a double role I actually like that a lot...seeing him fight virtually himself how often does that happen in CBM? Not a lot
I thought Darkseid was going to be the main boss villain for the Justice League movie series...no Legion of Doom.

Legion of Doom has been done on the CW TV series Legends of Tomorrow, which is based on their DC universe shows Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow.
I'm dying to see Grodd. Poison ivy might be fun and I couldn't see her being the main foe in a batman movie. Plus she would be great for Wonder Woman to fight.im still hoping for Christina Hendricks for her

No! Wonder Woman has her own rogues gallery with viable villains to face. She doesn't need to leech off Batman's rogues, especially when Ivy doesn't pose much of a threat to her.

Lex Luthor- Jesse Eisenberg
Deathstroke- Joe Manganiello
Black Adam- Dwayne Johnson
Black Manta- Yahya Abdul-Mateen

Cheetah- Sofia Boutella
Reverse Flash- Matthew C. Hall
Grid- ???
Do you guys actually think Deathstroke would be part of the Legion of Doom? Given that there is a solo movie starring him in the pipeline I suspect they see him as an anti-hero.
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Sofia Boutella as Cheetah I actually love that choice much better than Charlize
I’m betting Theron plays Cheetah if the character shows up in Wonder Woman 2. I’m sure WB and Patty Jenkins would be keen on casting her.

I want Boutella (in general) for Grail in a New Gods movie.
Lex Luthor
The Joker & Harley Quinn
Black Adam

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