CAST your FUTURAMA live action! (who cares if it's a bad idea - just for fun)


Apr 29, 2000
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Fry - Zach Braff or Seth Green or Jamie Kennedy

Leela - Charlize Theron, Helen Hunt, Jeri Ryan (each could kick some major ass)

Hermes - Forrest Whitaker

Amy - Kelly Hu or Kristen Kreuk

Farnsworth - Allan Rickman or John Lithgow

Zoidberg - John Malkovitch with prosthetics

Bender - CG with I dunno who's voice
Fry-Seth Green
Leela-Monica Bellucci
Hermes-Jamie Foxx
Amy-Kristen Kreuk
Farnswoth-Patrick Stewart
Zoidberg-Ben Stiller
Bender-Patrick Warburton
You know what I really wish Fox would make a Futurama movie rather than the simpson one.
I think those choices are mostly suck except Kreuk for Amy and Lithgow for Farnsworth.

DJ Qualls is for Fry.

Leela shood be hmm... I don't know maybe Belluci or Jolie.

Phil Lamarr in a fatsuit for Hermes.

I talked to Joe Alaskey one time on toonzone where he's a member; The man could probably handle bender without a prob, but then again, why not use the orginal voice actor instead?

Zoidberg - Dan Akroyd
I'd say they should stick with animation. Just like the Simpsons.
yeah totally, I just thought it'd be a fun idea to bring up given that Fox bloody canceled the series... idiots. I actually find many episodes of Futurama to be much funnier, smarter, quirkier and better than Simpsons and Family Guy. I tremendously enjoy the show
I prefer Futurama to the Simpsons and I would love it if a movie was in the pipeline. Simpsons is like an institution, everybody knows the Simpsons.
deathshead2 said:
You know what I really wish Fox would make a Futurama movie rather than the simpson one.

they are making a couple straight to dvd movies
The only person I can think of for Leela would be Sarah Silverman.
Philip J. Fry: Jason Lee
Turanga Leela: Evangeline Lilly
Bender B. Rodriguez: John Di Maggio
Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth: David Kelly
Dr. Zoidberg: Billy West
Amy Wong: Siu Ta
Hermes Conrad: Ziggy Marley
Gen. Zapp Brannigan: Greg Kinnear
Lt. Kif Kroker: Colin Hanks
Calculon: William Shanter
Nibbler: James Earl Jones
Eddie Dean said:
Bender B. Rodriguez: John Di Maggio
Dr. Zoidberg: Billy West

i was wondering why most were ignoring the obvious choice for these characters, get two guys in suits with a touch of cgi ala abe sapeon(sp) and just use the orginal voices
Ok, I found this thread and felt like resurrecting it for no reason at all. Oh, and I filled mine out without using anyone from the voice cast, because that's too easy.

Fry - Zack Ward (Titus)

Leela - Natasha Henstridge (The Whole Nine Yards)

Farnsworth - John Lithgow (3rd Rock From The Sun)

Bender - Seth Rogen (The 40-Year-Old Virgin)

Zoidberg - Michael Chiklis (Fantastic Four, The Three Stooges)

Amy - Kristen Kreuk (Smallville)

Hermes - Malcolm Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show)
Zap - Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness)

Kif - DJ Qualls (Road Trip)

Mom - Jessica Walter (Arrested Development)

Wernstrom - Terence Stamp (Superman II)

that's pretty cool... but:

leela isn't missing an eye, she's a cyclops,
fry isn't supposed to be cool, he's a dork,
bender looks too... well, too much,
ziodberg looks more evil than just disgusting,
so does nibbler,
farnsworth looks spot on.

the black and white drawing looks kind of cool, though.
Aykroyd IS Zoidberg. That is all.

And it's a shame Michael J. Fox is suffering from Parkinson's and is about 20 years too old, otherwise, he would be perfect for Fry.
Fry - Zach Braff

Leela - Charlize Theron

Hermes - Forrest Whitaker

Amy - Kelly Hu

Farnsworth - Allan Rickman

Zoidberg - John Malkovitch with prosthetics

Bender - CG - Voice - ???
Forget the Family Guy Live Action thred with its horribly cast. Now THIS would be a good cartoon adaptation!

Fry - Seth Green
Leela - Jennifer Garner
Bender - CGI with John DiMaggio doing the voice
The Professor - Leslie Neilsen
Zoidberg - CGI with Billy West doing the voice
Hermes - Bernie Mac
Amy - China Chow

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