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Jan 21, 2004
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Hey guys, just wondering who has been taking advantage of Champions online since it went free. I made a character called The Owl, an ex Ornithologist who created a special flight suit based on the predatory capabilities of several species of Owls.

I know the concept of the opposite of batman, or Owl man is not that original, people think I'm Night Owl from the Watchmen but I wasn't really going for that. Heres a pic.

looks cool. once i figure out how to take screen shots ill post mine.
is this worth checking out?

It's 100% free unless you want to pay for extras. That alone makes it worth it. If your like me and can't draw for crap this is the best tool to create your own characters with backstories and all. Then fight with them.
Giving it a DL, my laptop isn't very powerful though... I need to get a new one... soon.
ive been playing this for a lil while when i can. i definitely think the game is pretty sweet. its interesting cause i keep trying to make a different hero just to check out the different possibilities. which is kinda crazy to do. but its also fun.

this is definitely something to hold me over til i am able to get DC Universe Online.
I am seriously confused about how to pay for the different things in this game. I've never played a MMORPG before (I've stuck to consoles so far) so I'm a complete noob here.
I've created my own comicbook universe and have made over 60 characters and already drawn several story arcs, but the characters I want to play as in this game cannot be made justice with either of the free archetypes so I must pay to be able to completely customise all my powers (electricity, flying, superstrength etc. in the same character).
Before CO became free for all you did this automatically, and I tried the free version and it worked great, but how does it work now?
Do you have to pay once a month (how much, if it is a fixed price)? Or do you have to pay a special amount and then spend that money on specific powers and other stuff in the C-Store?

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