Chris Langan (A Bouncer/Barkeep) is the world's smartest man


Sep 10, 2004
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...Okay, not really the absolute smartest (there are a couple guys/girls with slighter higher IQs they don't mention), but still damn smart. He has an IQ of 190-210, which is among the highest ever recorded. He must be really smart, because instead of a boring old article he comes to us via Youtube!!!

I remember seeing him on tv a couple of years ago. He lived very simply. Seemed happy.
I like how the video starts with the concept of "Binary Logic" and then the guy says "maybe I'm a genius":o
Although I have to say I disagree with his fundamental ideas about society as discussed in the video. It all sounds like Socrates "Republic", which placed the philosopher kings at the top and attempted to breed and instruct the perfect, harmonious society. It's a nice theory on paper, but as Socrates and Plato pointed out in discussing it, it isn't self perpetuating and eventually will collaspe.
I think unlike the surfer dude, it doesn't sound like he chose this life completely.
Yeah it is, especially since he skirts Apes, Whales and Dolphins or any other animal that contradicts that point. I've been reading more up on this guy, some feel he is an uncredible hoax. The video certainly doesn't provide any real proof of his intelligence starting with the fact that he took an undisclosed IQ test out of a magazine which for all I know could've been compiled by a journalist with a considerably lower IQ.

Apparently he also gets somewhat cross and vulgar with those who question his intelligence.
Raw intelligence is way too multi-dimensional to be measured with any accuracy.
I remember the I.Q. test that they referred to. It was in Omni magazine. The hardest test I have ever seen. I was going to take it but I procrastinated too long and the time to send it in ran out. Brain displacement is a factor in intelligence but not the only factor. His statements on the subject are correct as far as they go.
Someone better call Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones..

This all sounds a bit too much like Good Will Hunting.

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