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Christopher Reeve Illustration


Jun 28, 2004
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Hey guys! This is a Christopher Reeve illustration I am working on, as the final project for my Illustration class.

The image was created from scratch in photoshop, using various brushes and tools. I based the likeness on one shot of Reeve I really liked. It is 100% freehand, using a good old mouse! (I really want to get a Wacom tablet soon...)

I think I've got Reeve's likeness down pretty well, and it turned out much more life-like than I thought It would.

Here it is:


I'd love to hear what you guys think of it, as it's due tomorrow, and I'm trying to finalize it.
Good Job Wilde. You've captured Reeve's likeness. The only thing I recommend is toning down the eyelashes. It kinda makes him look feminine.
Amazing! I'm jealous, and I'm sure he'd love it.:up:

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