Could crossovers revive interest in characters?


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Dec 30, 2002
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103 DC, Darkseid is now Superman's handmaid but in Marvel Carnage is more ways than one. Maybe it's just the universe they are in. But in recent years, there was talk of Marvel and DC trading a character for a year but do to falling out, it never happened. If this ever was to happen, do you guys think it would be a good idea for bad guys to be in another universe just to revitalize them? Imagine Carnage invading Star City or the Kalabak in Asgard. Just thought it would be a interesting topic. Speak on this please people.
Crossovers always peak my interest. No matter what kind of slump of comics I'm in, everytime I see someone else, in someone else's comic, I get excited about it. The thought of Darkseid and Carnage switching places? I'd definitely get into it.
I would love to see two heroes trade universes for maybe 12 issues (24 for each total). See how each one tries to adjust to their new surroundings without letting things get out of hand.

Imagine: The Amazing Batman and Spider-Man in Detective Comics.
Never happen as long as Joey Q is EIC at Marvel. Didio refuses to work with him.
Actually it's Levitz that refuses to work with him, but yeah. No more DC/Marvel Crossovers as long as either of them are in charge....unless there was a significant profit to be made.
They addressed this at WonderCon. They actually sort of hinted that if they did want to do it, it could be done. But most of the writers don't really like company crossovers that much. They feel that it always makes a big fuss and a big event over a story that never has any lasting effects and, in fact, can't have any lasting effects.
I'll tell ya, i really enjoyed those two Spider-Man/Batman crossovers.

I would have liked to see that become a yearly one-shot.

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Isn't Joey Q's time as EIC almost over? I think I read somewhere that he stated that in his last remaining days as chief he wanted t make Spidey single cuase..........of something but that part has always stood out to me.

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