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DC characters that would fit well in the Marvel Universe


Jan 30, 2005
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Are there any DC characters that you just look at and think "Man, they'd fit in well with the Marvel universe." ?

As I was watching Justice League Unlimited, I realized the character "Stargirl" would fit very nicely into the Marvel universe. Her looks, her powers, her origin....all pretty workable in Marvel's universe. She comes from a broken home with a stepfather -- seems like a backstory a Marvel character would have. Her outfit, as seen in the cartoon, is pretty sporty and modern looking like most Marvel characters are. Yep, I wish she was made in Marvel because she sure seems to be made for Marvel.


That being said, this isn't really meant to be a "dream team" kind of thing. Superman/Batman are pretty much the embodiments of the DC universe, so in my mind there's no excuse for them to be in the Marvel camp. Though if you have a good argument for why they should be Marvel let's hear it.

Also, please leave snarky comments like "None, Marvel is better than them..." at the door. Its not all that funny.
I think Guy Gardner would be good in the Marvel universe. There aren't enough wise-asses in Marvel's cosmos; they're all philosophical or just angry jackasses or whatever.
Nightwing or even the original Azrael before Knightfall and stuff
kana the shadow warrior[a ninja hero from th70's GI COMBAT ]would fit in the mu
Nah, he has nowhere near the *****ebaggery necessary to be compared to Guy Gardner.
Yeah, Peter on his worst day isn't as bad as Guy on his best (provided Ice isn't involved).
Darkseid should show up and stomp a hole in Apocalypse's ass.
Only if Thanos gets to stomp a hole in Darkseid's afterward. ;)
the hawk and the dove
wildcat black canary
Deathstroke (like to see him take on Deadpool)
Green Arrow (could have a shootout with Hawkeye)
Red Tornado
Solomon Grundy (love to see him fight Hulk)
Two Face
Blue Beetle
Aquaman (he can face**** Namor for control of Atlantis)
judomaster would fit in the m.u .with the invaders
Superman with The Avengers?

Then they'd REALLY be Earth's Mightiest Heroes. :word: :supes:
I always thought the first Firestorm would have made a great Marvel character, Red Tornado and the Warlord I think was his name, the guy with White hair and looked alittle like Green Arrow.
yes thats travis morgan the warlord
He was pretty cool in JLU. I always meant to look up more stuff on him. Never did though.
They had a new Series for Warlord recently. Heard it was crap though.

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