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Could star wars still be a nightmare for Dragonball?

I think dragonball will die a painful death. So sad.
I hate to agree with you, but...
Why should I care about this....?
I dont, Starwars cartoon is not a live movie, that and clone wars have nothing that we allready have seen. so ..i dont care
Well since its been delayed, it may not be a bad move at all. That gives them time to promote the movie more, I'm willing to bet they will have a Superbowl spot, a decent trailer and other things as well. I'll just sit back and see how things go.
Let's have some damn optimism here people...:whatever:

oh who am kidding. dragonball's doomed!!! potential for success is under 9000 now...
Uh, no? Movies have been re-released before, it never takes off.

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