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Custom Dr Doom


Jun 2, 2006
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Custom Armored Dr Doom figure

This is technically a modified /repainted figure rather than a custom. I simply sculpted a little bit over the armor giving the shin guards and arm gauntlets a texture. Then I trimmed it with a simple design. I used some flat black, dark gray, aluminum with brass paint for the trim. My camera sucks, and I wish I had better pics to show better details, but this figure came out great I think. In a recent comic I saw Doom having this fur on his cape, so I thought is would be a great effect .



More pics -> http://www.passiondesignsinc.com/doom.html
Its amazing. Some parts look awesome but some just dont look good in figure form, the shoulder fur pieces are a good example but the boots and wrist guard things look just great
ya the shoulder pads look like wrinkled tin foil... the rest though looks great
Just a suggestion, but Maybe it would look even better if the green was darker but maybe not, not too sure.
the silver clasps look too big being silver too.. they visually look like they grew in size, just because the color change.. weird but ya
his cape looks weird in the 2nd pic. part from that, pretty nice.
glue his cape down.. so the clasps are stuck. will help alot i think.
Did any of you read his post [Or know the dictionary for that matter]? :hehe:

Arm gauntlets and Fur. Not "wrist pad things" and "shoulder pads."
thanks guys , the cape is removeable i didnt want to glue it down, but i think it could have been push down a little more before i had taken the pic ..... I think i could have made the fur thicker , it will be going on ebay tonight thanks

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