Custom Transformer's Sam Witwicky figure & Dark Knight


Jun 2, 2006
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Custom Transformer's Sam Witwicky Figure (AKA Spike G1/Shia Labeouf)

Here is a quick idea I had when I saw this Buffy figure in the bottom of my Box. Now I think its kind of funny to make a Spike figure out of a Spike figure lol . Sorry my twisted little joke. Anyway, I sculpted on top of Spike, giving him a hoody-shirt. Now Spike had came with short sleeves, so I had to make those longer, and give the body of the shirt more winkles. These is my first time to due any kind of clothing sculpt, I'm please with it for now. Now Spike's face, had like sunken cheeks for the face he was making. So I added clay there, and re-did his hair. Simple paint job . I tried giving Sam a dirty face look, I'm not to please with it, but it will have to do for right now. Added some logo's to his shirt and an Allspark to complete the custom. ......................... ps I have Marvel Legends version Coming Soon!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

This item is now Ebay - link thru my website


More pics -------- >
Here is the figure I used for this custom - Buffy /Spike


Custom Batman "Movie Inspired/Dark Knight Concept"
Again I found a Mattel Batman at Big Lots. Started to have a little fun with him. With the new movie coming out in 08', I thought it would cool to add an armor style look to him. So apoxy sculpt over the boots, gloves, shoulders and chest. After that simple black paint job. I dremeld down the funky belt he had and added a new belt, and paint it with more of the movie color brass/gold look. I'm truly happy with this Batman, and it really got my thinking about doing more versions. I actually did this Batman before the Batman Beyond. Thanks for looking. ................. ps the back ground is for a Batcave "Design Your Own" Diorama stay tuned



More pics -------- >
Great work on both of them...but I don't like either of them......for no fault of yours.....I personally wouldn't buy a Sam figure and I don't like that batman Design.

That said you did a great job with the new bat Costume, it look sprofessionally painted, as for Sam, it looks like an official figure (Not from Hasbro of course) and even comparing it to pics of thjat Spike and knowing that it is from that spike it is still really hard to tell that Spike was the base body on that.

Excellent work
i duno, i spotted it was spike straight away without seeing the pics below. but with a different head it would be even better:D
Hey bro, I dig the Sam W. custom...but the Bat I don't know!
thats fine, his body is good, but i think u could find a better head

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