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Transformers Custom Transformer's Sam Witwicky figure w/Allspark


Jun 2, 2006
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Custom Transformer's Sam Witwicky Figure (AKA Spike G1/Shia Labeouf)

Here is a quick idea I had when I saw this Buffy figure in the bottom of my box. Now I think its kind of funny to make a Spike figure out of a Spike figure lol . Sorry my twisted little joke. Anyway, I sculpted on top of Spike, giving him a hoody-shirt. Now Spike had came with short sleeves, so I had to make those longer, and give the body of the shirt more winkles. These is my first time to due any kind of clothing sculpt, I'm please with it for now. Now Spike's face, had like sunken cheeks for the face he was making. So I added clay there, and re-did his hair. Simple paint job . I tried giving Sam a dirty face look, I'm not to please with it, but it will have to do for right now. Added some logo's to his shirt and an Allspark to complete the custom. ......................... ps I have Marvel Legends version Coming Soon!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

This item is now Ebay - link thru my website


More pics -------- > http://www.passiondesignsinc.com/sam1.html
i feel like his head is too big and plain. but still nice job
I was kind of wondering why they wouldn't go the extra step and put out figures of the human characters.

I'd prolly at least want to get Sam and Mikala. Maybe it's a scale thing, or just since it's unprecedented in the TF toy line.


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