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Dai Mahou Touge


Aug 16, 2003
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Elijya said:
I have no idea what this is :confused:

Elijya said:
Cth, I'm sure you get asked this alot, but WTF is the potato in your sig from?
Cth said:
I haven't been asked yet, but since you're curious :p

From a crazy, insane new anime I discovered last night called:
Dai Mahou Touge


I’ve seen some crazy hybrid (multi-genre) anime series (I think…), but Dai Mahou Touge must be one of the craziest. On a first look basis, you might think it’s a typical “princess to undergo trial on Earth” shoujo anime (Sugar Sugar Rune anybody?).

Yes, our princess summons vegetables to her aid. But watch a little longer and you’ll see the weirdness begin… Our cute little princess has a pretty (extremely?) violent side.

That, of course, isn’t helped by the fact that we have some rather violent-looking characters in the first place.

And while you might expect magical rods to have some really “cutish” activation commands, our princess’ rod is an exception (see screenshot below).


P.S.: This series is definitely not suitable for children.

Cliff Notes:
She's a princess sent to Earth to learn how to be queen or something. She goes to school where all the guys go head over heels for her. This causes the tough girl to get upset and she tries to bully her with her bodyguards (that look like characters from Fist of the Northstar). The stereotypical/cliches magical transformation BS starts, but it's clear it's different, when she summons vegetables to kill them violently, and she does it with a smile and a laugh. This sequence repeats every 3 minutes or so.

Example: Her curry is bland, the waitress asks if everything is ok, she says it's yellow crap. Stands up, smiles happily, bounces and says, "Magical deathray -- kill them all!" (or some such)

Then she shows them how to make REAL curry, and summons vegetables to sacrifice themselves in her name. The sig shows the potato showing the others the way, and peels himself before flinging himself into a boiling pot. He can't see and has the carrot point him in the direction of the pot.

Hilarious, violent, funny stuff.

And I can't stand this kind of magical princess BS.. so glad I gave it a fair shot and realized it's a satire of those type of series.

Great animation and color palette too.
Here's the first episode, it is pretty bizarre

Part A
http://youtube.com/watch?v=FXbIdO2J80g&search=Dai Mahou Touge

Part B
http://youtube.com/watch?v=UIXQ0TAqCT8&search=Dai Mahou Touge
It reminds me of BoBoBo.....................and Cromartie for some reason :confused:

My brains... all over the wall

I want her babies:(:up:
Because Cromartie and Bobobo are both insane and ultra random shows.

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