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May 2, 2007
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Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can fill me in on him? Anything about his history would be appreciated! Just a run down of where he came from and his back story really. Anything is great, thanks!
do you mean D'Ken? or is this a new character i haven't heard of

i've been away from the books a while
wow i had no idea he had a kid.

who's the mom? and what issues is this in?
Wolverine having a son is a big thing. Im surprised Marvel hasnt promoted that bc being a non-reader of his solo, I had no idea. This son definetly didnt get teh same treatment X-23 did. When did he first appear?
first appeared in wolverine origin #10
from wiki:
Itsu, while in the last stages of her pregnancy, is murdered by Winter Soldier in an attempt to draw Wolverine out and return him to custody in Madripoor.[1] Emma Frost would eventually, many years later, encounter his shadowed visage in a precognative dream.[2] She promptly informs Logan that his son, whom he believed died along with his expecting mother, lives.[3] After Itsu's death, a mysterious man wearing a trenchcoat that conceals his identity, cuts the baby (Daken) from his mother's womb and leaves her body lying on the floor. Daken is, many years later, revealed to have survived the horrible incident due to inheriting his father's healing factor.[4]
Daken's personal motives are unclear at this time. Disguised as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, he brutally stabs Dum Dum Dugan and confronts his incarcerated father for the first time, before slashing him across the stomach and leaving him to bleed on the floor, as his mother was left, many years before.[5] Daken is revealed to have "aided" his father's escape, though not for benevolent reasons.
He is next seen in Berlin at the home of a woman he has been cruelly toying with. He allowed her to witness him kissing a man on a date, although unbeknownst to her he later murdered the man to acquire his passport. Knowing that she would drink an entire bottle of burgundy he secretly poisons it, resulting in her death. He had to end the relationship and her life so that no loose ends could be left to tie him to his crimes and he simply picked an unusually sadistic fashion to dispatch her.[6]
While walking through the streets of Potsdam, Germany, Daken is then contacted by an anonymous messenger who reminds him of his displeased master's "ultimate goal". Daken then dispatches the messenger to yet again make sure to leave absolutely no trace of his presence. Later he appears on a train to Brussels, watching his father in a nearby stolen car. He then receives a phone call from an unknown "friend" (who is actually the recently resurrected Cyber), confirming his father's destination.[7]
Shadowing his father into the bank vault in Brussels that contains the carbonadium synthesizer, Daken and Wolverine engage in a bloody battle, with Daken demonstrating great fighting prowess and similar speed and agility to his father. As Wolverine is hampered in the feud by his lack of desire to kill his son and his fading belief that Daken can be redeemed, he quickly loses the upper hand despite his greater experience and training. Their fight is interrupted when Cyber breaks into the vault and challenges Daken.[8] It is then revealed that Daken trained under Cyber in the past. Cyber mentions that Daken is a better and faster fighter than he, and was his finest student. However, Cyber's imperviousness and greater superhuman strength make that a moot point (which he later clearly explains to Wolverine). Daken refuses to lead Cyber to his masters and flees the fight, leaving his father and his mentor to deal with each other.[9]
Daken is last seen in the presence of Wild Child, and a scarred, expressionless torturer who whips him with a gasoline soaked length of rope. He pleads for mercy, but receives only a warning from his "master" to stay away from his father.[10]
Daken had spent the last couple of months being tortured by Wild Child and the newly revealed character Romulus.[11] To keep him away from Wolverine, Romulus put Daken into suspended animation and hid him away in a abandoned SHIELD facility.

Post-Messiah Complex

Daken's cyrogenetic tube was located by SHIELD Agent Daisy Johnson (Quiver). Along with Cannonball and the rest of Cable's strike team, they take the frozen Daken along with themselves to the future. Later on Daken shows back up in the present with Cannonball as a member of Cable's team, X-Strike. Daken's bone claws and skeleton have now been laced with the metal, vibranium. Opposite of what his father Wolverine has. And also with his mind healed back to sanity by Cable through unknown means.
Keep in mind that everything Post Messiah Complex hasn't actually been published in any comics yet and could be subject to change. The last we have actually read is Daken being taken into cusotdy by Wild Child on Romulus' orders, that's it. We haven't seen him frozen or suspended or anything yet. :)
yeah that whole post messiah complex/x-strike story is complete bull.

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