David O. Russell's "Joy" (Jennifer Lawrence)

Was this really a story that needed to be told? I'm sure the story of Joy Mangano's rise to success is an interesting one but enough to make a featured movie about it?
So I actually liked this. It has a slew of problems, though. Far too easily resolved, supporting characters are one dimensional. First third feels aimless but once it gets going it is very good. Overall I think they succeeded on making a story about the invention of a mop interesting. And you just care for Joy and want her to succeed, largely thanks to Lawrence's impressively internal performance. I give it a generous 7/10. I definitely think it's better than American Hustle.
10 minutes into JOY i started to cringe a little because it felt like it was going to be some artsy,surrealistically filmed movie ,but fortunately
Director David O. Russell didnt let me down and Jennifer Lawrence was great as usual as Joy who looks out for everyone including her 24 hour a day Soap Opera
watching mother(Virginia Madsen) Her serial dating/marrying father(Robert Deniro) her wannabe singer ex husband(Edgar Ramirez),her kids,and encouraging
Grandmother (Diane Ladd)
Most of the characters arent given much to do but to either discourage or encourage Joy about her inventions and creativity.Until Bradley Cooper shows up as as Neil Walker, an executive for QVC who helps Joy sell her invention.He's the only other character given any type of character developement.
Still Joy may not be as good as Silver Linings Playbook but a good one about determination and success

Scale of 1-10 a 7½

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