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Feb 19, 2007
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well since i didnt see one this thread is for discussing the newer DC superheroes collection of figures based off of the comics. i did not know about these figures until last year when superman returns came out and they made a whole bunch of super detailed, super ariculated figures based off of the comics. as soon as i saw them, i went nuts, they are incredible figures. lately the batman waves have been hitting but the distribution sucks really bad. well, since the holiday seasons are here, i had some better luck finding most of the new figs. i found clayface, catwoman, and the new black and grey batman which IMO looks 10 times better then the blue version, although ive developed a soft spot for that one as well. i also had MUCH luck in finding a cyborg superman at kmart of all places, and once again, i am extremly impressed. ive wanted this guy for a super long time. i will try to get some pics up of my collection so far. i still need to find the twoface and manbat. is manbat even out yet? those are the only 2 i need at the moment. great line.
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Also, consider yourself lucky that you found the clayface figure. I really want all the figures from this wave, but I've only gotten 4 and only seen 6 total. I bought all black Batman, Bruce Wayne-to-Batman, Nightwing, and Bane. I've also seen the black and gray Batman as well as the Joker, but it was on Black Friday at Toys R Us and I wasn't about to wait 2 hours in line for those two figs.

I am glad to finally be seeing the figures in stores though, seeing as how they were suppose to come out around October. Every store I go to only has like one or two no the shelves though, never any more. I wonder if they have any in the back and just don't put them out? Anyone ever ask someone to check in the back for figures?

only thing i would like to know is, does the original batmobile that went to these figures (the one with the pop out side) fit in with these figures? all i would like is a good scaled batmobile for this batman and also that batsignal that came with the one batman, its pretty hard to find i see. i added the hush gordon and alfred because it fit in perfectly with the DC figures, so happy that they are in scale with each other. the clayface is totally awsome but the rubbery arms are kinda a letdown, i always thought they were gonna be hard plastic, but they are some weird rubber, but it seems durable enough, and it does add some really good articulation. all in all, im pleased, i only really want twoface now, and i keep seeing a manbat on the back of the cardbacks, but i havent seen him, not even on ebay. is he out yet??? looks amazin!
Nice pictures. I don't think I've ever seen the normal Cyborg Superman before. I saw a 12" in stores once, don't remember which one though. It was either Target or TRU.

I guess I'll have to go shopping tomorrow at TRU and see if they have any figures out.
you should consider yourself extremely lucky to have found those figures. 90% of the population cannot.
you should consider yourself extremely lucky to have found those figures. 90% of the population cannot.

Oh please, those are the easiest figures to get
I have only seen the zipline bats and that's it...oh and the Robin.
Oh please, those are the easiest figures to get

Hm. Not according to any of the other toy sites. You could make a killing on ebay if you can find them that easily in your area.
Just went to TRU and Target today and I had no luck finding anything.

What other stores even carry these figures? I've been into four different comic book shops and never seen these nor any other DC Superheroes figures. There are no KB Toys/K Marts in my area, and both of the Wal-Marts I've been to totally got rid of all the DC toys (The Batman/Justice League/DC Superheroes lines).
Wal Mart has some issues with Mattel on the figure front. Unless there is a major movie to support their lines, they will not carry them. KB Toys, to my knowledge, dont carry them and Kmart in my area still has the Superman waves. TRUs and Target seem to be the only places to really get this line. Unfortumately, the pegs either stay filled with the Superman waves or empty.
yeah i was shocked to see no DC superheroes figures at walmart. last year with superman returns they had all the new villians and stuff. this year, nothing. they must have not been selling well at walmart. walmart sucks anyway. TRU has been the only place to find anything new. target is very VERY slow in getting in anything, i have only seen the old superman figures, and not even that many. and at kmart they DID seem to get in one of the new batman waves, but the only figures i saw left were alot of those lame looking knight shadow batmans and a couple repainted banes, but thats it. they really need to get the distribution with these waves right, i still need a twoface!
parasite is actually the only one I ever see anywhere.

I'm about to go out, so I'll post back later and see if I find anything.

One Nightwing at TRU, that was it.
i havent heard of any of these being "easy" to find. al ive ever seen is the old superman waves.
I got the Scarecrow. I dont know if he is hard to find or not, but i found him at my local comic store and got him. A nice figure, and one of the better Scarecrows around. My only criticisms would be that he is a little too skinny and the face could have been scarier.
That figure is actually from the first wave of figures that came out, IIRC, so its kind of old.

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