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DCUC series 3 Pictures

Hey Saint...I'm not a DC guy but those looks nice.... They are getting better for what I have seen in stores!
All 6 look awesome, definitely getting the entire series.
Probably the most perfect line up to ever come out for any action figure line.
I'll get Deathstroke.....and Maybe Grandy...Damn BAF....why do they make the BAF's the guys I want.....I want all of the BAFs so far and only one or two of the guys
I'm definitely buying them all. Good thing I didn't overpay for Deathstroke and Robin from the Teen Titans line.
thanks for the pics saint. this ought to save me 5 bucks this wednesday.

grundy and deathstroke are awesome. another case purchase for me. dcuc just keeps getting better.
Hotlinking from 4chan never works. Anyone wanna re-post them?
I don't understand why anyone bothers posting links to pics, half the time the don't work. Just post the pics directly!
Green lantern (Hal)
......nightwing I think

and BAF Grundy
there'll be some good pics tomorrow...Toy Fare comes out, and they should go up on the website too.
Much better, thanks Saint!
Man, those are sweet! Hoping for modern Sinestro varient.
The link takes me to a log in place?
for those that wanted to see

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