Dead Island: Riptide

I didn't play the first one because I heard it dropped off after the jungle, I'll keep an eye on this one and see how it goes now they have had that feedback.
I didn't play the first one because I heard it dropped off after the jungle, I'll keep an eye on this one and see how it goes now they have had that feedback.

The first one dropped off after the Resort, the first section, imo. Once it got to the city it lost a lot of its charm, and by the time it got to the jungle I just didn't care anymore.
Yeah, I loved the resort and hated the city, especially going through the sewers repeatedly. I thought the jungle level was quite good as well though. Hopefully this game is a significant upgrade to Dead Island as there are many ways it could be improved. Very fun co-op game, not sure if I'd be that interested in playing this solo.
The Resort was awesome. The City (on the surface) was fun but the rest just sucked.
Hmmm. I had guessed the next nstallment would go to a new kind of setting; a la Dead Metropolis, Dead County...–-A-Watery-Grave.html

Zombies are a popular theme nowadays (unless you’re the Cookie Monster that is) and the first Dead Island game successfully mixed a blend of first person combat, RPG elements and classic zombie slaying. So it probably came as no surprise when a sequel was inevitably announced, giving players another chance to indulge in some undead carnage. To find out what was under the hood this time around we sat down with the developers and were presented with all the new tweaks and additions. Be prepared for a few spoilers if you haven’t yet played the first title.

Taking place straight after the first game Dead Island: Riptide picks up where we left off according to the developers, “You will learn what happened to your guys after they flew off in a helicopter at the end of the first game.” Not long after that something happens, the chopper goes down and, wouldn’t you know it you’re stranded on an island that just so happens to have a bit of a zombie problem. Not exactly the most novel of openings but at least it gives us another chance to decapitate zombies left, right and centre. You can expect to see the same posse from first time around, plus a mysterious new military character that joins you along the way. In fact the main changes to the game actually come through an increased use of water mechanics and a shift in terms of combat.

The Riptide moniker is not just a clever name either, as the developers have added an increased emphasis on water and boating. The island has been flooded by a tropical monsoon which can lead to our heroes being trapped in certain spots without any means of escape, the shifting currents proving to be just one more obstacle in your path to safety. Luckily you can also swipe and control a wide variety of boats to zip around the various water channels and by ways of the local area. Packing them with your teammates you can use your boat to smash aside zombies and fend off swarms of your watery foes, your teammates can also nimbly dodge around the boat to whack any potential insurgents. It’s a fun addition to the rather limited vehicular combat of the first game and one that should throw up a few more exciting opportunities as the game progresses.

In terms of combat the developers were keen to address the fact that guns were so underwhelming, for lack of a better word, in the first title. Players who chose to specialise in firearms got the raw end of the deal as guns and ammo were fairly scarce, and the damage they did was a fraction of that available to some of the most powerful melee weapons. This time around though, guns will be more useful and you’ll be able to find a much wider variety of them from the get go. You can also salvage much more powerful gear, like gatling guns and the like, from broken down vehicles and crashed choppers. That’s not to say that you won’t have a range of other weapons too of course, with a whole host of new melee items, blueprints and explosives to choose from meaning that you can always be fully equipped. You can also recruit military backup as you progress, but if you don’t take care of them correctly it might mean a few extra zombies gnawing at your heels.

Of course what good is all of that gear if you never get to use it? “The problem when you play an RPG is that you always get to collect all this cool stuff,” says the Techland team, “But then you finish the game and you still have an inventory full of items that you never got to use.” Instead of making players hoard items the team instead wants them to find situations to use as many as possible, hence a new fortification and defense system. At key stages of the game the player can help out follow survivors by tooling up, setting up defenses such as fences, gun turrets and floating mines. Seeing it all in action, it’s hard not to be impressed as floating trip mines explode to whittle down the onrushing horde, while your team can man hastily set up turrets to tear apart any stragglers. Of course, the sheer amount of zombies means that some will start tearing down your defences in short order leading to some hasty melee combat. It’s like watching a well crafted horde mode within the main game itself, and should lead to some memorable set pieces especially when played in co-op.

Luckily for old players you can also import your previously saved characters into the new game for a spot of knock down, drag out action and there will be plenty of new leveling to do and loot to find along the way. They have also made the co-op system a bit fairer as well, so that enemies will level according to each individual player rather than just being tied in with the host as used to be the case. This means that you can now have a mix of veterans and newcomers which should lead to a lot more co-op action considering how hard it could be to successfully find a team last time out.

It’s clear though that the tweaks here are fairly minor, and are mainly ones that seek to address some of the main criticisms leveled at the original. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as there was plenty to enjoy in Dead Island but there is also a risk that it could be more of the same. The graphics are slightly more polished and there are certainly a few new foes, but there is still a very familiar look and feel in comparison to the last game. Hopefully the new emphasis on NPC interactions, water based travel and high octane defense missions should add that little something extra to Dead Island: Riptide, but otherwise this is a subtle spin on the formula rather than a complete overhaul.

Expect to see Dead Island Riptide clawing its way out of a muddy sinkhole when it lands (or rather crash lands) in 2013.
Can't f***ing wait! I'm gonna have to start leveling up!
I loved the First Dead Island. Granted It wasn't as engaging as the trailer made you believe it would be. But it was more like a zombie survival simulation, and in that regard, it was awesome. the island was huge and beautiful. There were so many things to be done, be it on solo or on coop. I can't wait for this sequel now! The only part that I didn't like that much in the first one was the sewers level, but it's a short level actually. The resort and the city were beautiful and astounding locations.
The first one was great fun. Looking forward to the sequel.

some cgi are ugly, but the trailer itself is well made.
Léo Ho Tep;24342843 said:
some cgi are ugly, but the trailer itself is well made.
Don't think I've seen the trailer for the original Dead Island. I love that rap song in the game intro though haha.
You cats in the UK get this for your Zombie Bait package.

Deep Silver Is ‘Deeply Sorry’ About Trying to Sell Their Game With A Statue Of A Severed Woman

Following today's firestorm of negative reactions, game publisher Deep Silver has apologized for the ridiculously tasteless zombie torso statue that they planned to include in one of the collector's editions for Dead Island Riptide.

Deep Silver posted the apology on Twitter:

A statement on the Zombie Bait Edition:

We deeply apologize for any offense caused by the Dead Island Riptide "Zombie Bait Edition", the collector's edition announced for Europe and Australia. Like many gaming companies, Deep Silver has many offices in different countries, which is why sometimes different versions of Collector's Editions come into being for North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

For the limited run of the Zombie Bait Edition for Europe and Australia, a decision was made to include a gruesome statue of a zombie torso, which was cut up like many of our fans had done to the undead enemies in the original Dead Island.

We sincerely regret this choice. We are collecting feedback continuously from the Dead Island community, as well as the international gaming community at large, for ongoing internal meetings with Deep Silver's entire international team today. For now, we want to reiterate to the community, fans and industry how deeply sorry we are, and that we are committed to making sure this will never happen again.

It's not clear whether Deep Silver will still sell the statue. I've reached out to ask and will update should I hear back.

Haha, whatever.
I guess it's actually no worse than Halloween decoration of severed limbs that you can buy in stores, I'd still wouldn't get the collectors edition though. It's one thing to decorate your home for one scary night, but to have a cut up torso permanently standing somewhere in your room is kinda creepy.
I don't know anyone who decorates their home with video game tchotchkes anyway.
Yeah, I think you'd have to be slightly disturbed to be able to keep something like that in your room permanently!
Oh, if they had tried to release that here but with the bikini being a U.S. flag, it wouldn't have even gotten past production.
One of my problems with it is that it doesn't look like a zombie torso, despite what they were trying to go for: "which was cut up like many of our fans had done to the undead enemies in the original Dead Island." It just looks like a murdered some beach girl and am displaying her corpse on my mantle.
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One of my problems with it is that it doesn't look like a zombie torso, despite what they were trying to go for: "which was cut up like many of our fans had done to the undead enemies in the original Dead Island." It just looks like a murdered some beach girl and am displaying her corpse on my mantle.

That's exactly why it's so horrifyingly inappropriate. They are total morons IMO to have greenlit something like that. Had there been a zombie head sculpted on I'm sure it would've been less offensive to many, though it's still a pretty ballsy inclusion.

Glad to hear they've been receptive to the backlash.

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