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The Dark Knight Rises Death by exile.

Miken Ayers

Sep 19, 2004
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Was anybody else reminded of that joke where three travelers are kidnapped by jungle natives and their choice is either death or oingo boingo? And yes after seeing what oingo boingo is twice the third guy asks for death. :p
is oingo boingo where they chop a dood's diz off?
i heard that joke before. haha
I freaking LOVED Crane in this film. He is the coolest. He was defeated by Batman two times,probably spend 8 years in Blackgate, yet as he gets the chance he gets back in his position in a second. Cillian Murphy is really the perfect Scarecrow. Cool as hell.

A total maniac lawyer/judge who would never give up on his passion in doing law-related things.
A total maniac lawyer/judge who would never give up on his passion in doing law-related things.

Scarecrow/Crane is neither of those. He's a psychiatrist.

I think it was the Now Playing podcast that said that scene felt like it should have been Heath's - I agree. Though I do love Scarecrow and it was great to see Cillian Murphy back.
Scarecrow was just garbage in this one. we talked about this in another thread. he was awesome in BB, he was ok but not really in TDK and in TDKR he totally sucked.

why does his charecter keep changing?

again in BB he was awesome as the Smart and edgy doctor.
I loved Cillians part and the eay he played it. Loved the little touches they gave his outfit with the frayed and torn look at the shoulders and it looked like he had tried to patch ot with burlap.
no, the zed scene. + ving rhames. and bruce willis. =/
i knew the joke but but with "chi-chi" and not "oingo boingo", i made a post about it in the easter eggs thread
Wasn't "oingo boingo" a 80's rock and roll band?
I felt like if Dent was alive, it should've been his scene. It would bring back memories of when Two-Face became "The Judge" from the Batman cartoon

I always heard the joke as "death by roo-roo" or "death by bungee."

And yes, I ABSOLUTELY thought of that joke during this scene in the movie. LOL

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