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I Work Too Much
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Apr 29, 2004
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This story has been in the works for a long time, but no I'm giving it a major overhaul.

This is an X-Men Fanfic, centering mostly on Iceman and the White Queen.

I guess this is an AU, because I don’t really follow what’s going on in comics of late, and as far as I’m concerned, Emma never dated Scott.

Also, this story is posted on Fanfiction.net, so feel free to leave me reviews and comments. *hint hint*

Chapter 1​

It’s one of those rare nights at the mansion where it is quiet and void of commotion. The respective members of the X-Men are out doing various things, enjoying their downtime before
the students start returning for the oncoming semester. Tonight Bobby Drake finds himself with the mansion all to himself. After numerous games of pool, Bobby is officially bored. He places the pool cue on the table, deciding to try his luck with the tv, when something flashes past the doorway of the rec-room. Bobby quietly hops over the back of the couch, sneaking to the doorway to investigate the blur. His fists are clenched, ready for anything. When he peers around the corner and sees what has caused the blur, he almost wishes he hadn’t gotten off the couch at all.

“Emma.” Bobby says monotonously. He realizes he isn’t alone in the mansion now, though considering the company, he almost wishes he were.

“Robert.” Emma acknowledges him blankly. She had sensed his presence in the mansion and had no desire to stop and speak. Unfortunately for her, getting to her destination leaves her no choice but to walk by the rec room.

“Gee, Em, you’re all sweaty,” Bobby grins. “What have you been doing?” He’s bored and wants to entertain himself by getting under her skin.

“I was working out, something you might want to consider sometime instead of sitting in front of the television all day. Now if you don’t mind . . . ” Emma lets her voice carry off to insinuate the conversation is over. She turns and heads back toward the stairs.

Emma doesn’t take his bait and walks away. Bobby doesn’t want to spend the entire night alone and he considers it for a moment before calling out. “Hey Emma, wait a sec.”

He jogs to catch up to her and she stops to hear what he has to say. “Yes Robert?” She says with a bored tone in her voice.

Suddenly he’s intimidated by her and the look in her eyes makes him feel insecure. “Umm...Do you have any plans tonight?”

“Why?” Although her expression is simply an amused smirk, she is secretly intrigued.

Her response catches him off-guard. “I was- umm I was wondering well...everyone is out but us, and I don’t want to hang around here all night by myself. So umm, do you wanna get some food and catch a movie or something?”

Emma’s face remains as stoic as ever as she listens to his proposition. She takes a long pause before answering to weigh her options. She really doesn’t want to stay in all night either. Instead of letting him know this, she answers with a cold “Alright.”

“Alright? Ok. How bout we meet back here in a half hour?”


“Forty-five minutes? How long does it take you to get dressed? You hardly wear anything.” He laughs to himself before continuing. “Fine, forty-five it is, but can you at least wear something not rated R?”

“What exactly, is wrong with my attire?” Emma puts her hand on her hip, glaring at him.

“Nothing...’cept well, there ain’t much of it.”

“I’ll wear something...more appropriate. But, since we’re on the subject of attire, do not wear any of your frumpy shorts or character t-shirts.”

“Hey! My clothes are not frumpy.” Bobby protests.

Emma simply looks at him, daring him to try and argue. Knowing it is an argument he can’t win, he accepts the small defeat, and with a grin, makes the deal even sweeter.

“No white.”

His request shocks her, and for a second he thinks he sees a glimmer of surprise in her eyes, but it quickly disappears.

“No blue.” She says, rising to his challenge.

“Not a prob, Em. See ya in forty-five.”

Both head up the stairs and turn in opposite directions like fighters going to their corners.
Bobby glances at his watch for the umpteenth time since returning to the rec room. The allotted forty-five minutes is nearly up, and he’s spent the better part of the last 10 minutes smoothing out his shirt and checking his collar in the mirror. He can’t remember the last time he wore a button up shirt for something other than a funeral or special occasion. As he paces in place, he’s already beginning to dread what he’s sure will be a night in hell. He groans inwardly as he thinks of various disasters than can happen tonight and fights the urge to run while he has the chance. It’s too late for him to bail now, for her hears her approaching footsteps around the corner. Bobby sighs again and his breath catches in his throat when Emma emerges from around the corner.

“Emma!... You um... You look nice.” Bobby manages to spew out. She has kept her word; her outfit is appropriate and she isn’t wearing white. She looks very attractive to him this way, but he’d never admit it out loud. Finally collecting himself, Bobby adds, “I didn’t know you owned pants, let alone black ones.”

Emma smirks at his remark as she takes in his appearance. It’s his turn to be scrutinized. She mentally notes the improvement of his appearance when he’s neatly dressed. Instead of letting him know this, she decides to play his game.

“You look nice as well Robert. I didn’t know you had a comb, let alone anything with buttons. I thought they might be too difficult for you.”

Bobby grins at her comeback. Maybe if she keeps up the banter, the evening won’t be a complete disaster. “Good one, Emma. Ready to go?”


“I’m driving.”

“Wouldn’t it be safer to use my driver?”

“What’s the fun in that? We don’t need the limo, we can take my car.”

“Perhaps I should borrow Logan’s helmet.”

“Hey! I’m not that bad of a driver.”

“You’re not that good either.”

“Geez, those pants must be magical or something. They’re giving you the power of witty remarks.”

“Side effect of my mutation.”

“Funny. Guess I have it too.”

Bobby laughs and double takes at Emma walking beside him. She’s smiling. He’s shocked. She’s actually smiling, and it isn’t her usually forced one thin-lipped grin. Bobby can’t believe she’s acting so...normal. He didn’t know she had the ability. Bobby’s never seen her in this light, and when he thinks about it, he doubts any of the others have either. He’s only saw her as the “White Queen”, Emma Frost, with the heart of ice. She rarely shows any emotion, and isn’t the type to laugh out loud, so he is more than happy with a smile. Bobby quickly remembers Emma’s telepathy, and doesn’t want her to hear anything he doesn’t want her to. As he clicks his seat belt, he turns to her.

“Let’s make a deal; no powers tonight. Let’s just have fun.”

After some thought, Emma agrees. It wasn’t so long ago that Emma would have been trepidatious to do so, but since her secondary mutation manifested, in which she has no access to her telepathic abilities, it isn’t an issue anymore.

Neither of them speak as Bobby drives to the gate. The awkward silence in the car and the empty silence in Emma’s mind is deafening and she’s not sure how much longer she can take it.

“Since you get to drive, I”m at least choosing the radio station.” Emma says, already turning the radio to her desired frequency. Once she finds the station she wants, she sits back and listens to the music. Even relaxing, her back is stiff with posture.

“Wow, I never pictured you as a rock fan.”

“Let me guess, you thought my collection entirely classical?”

“Honestly, yeah I guess I did. I didn’t know you had good taste in music, I listen to this station all the time.”

The silence between them resurfaces as they make their way into the busier section of Salem Center, but it is no longer awkward. As Bobby observes the townspeople out on the town, he isn’t sure where he wants to go. The easy choice would be to get fast food, but he doubts Emma would want any. He can’t even recall a time he ever saw her touch the stuff. To be honest, he wasn’t in the mood for any either. As Bobby slows at a red light, he remembers a small café he used to frequent but hasn’t visited in a long time. He decides it’s the perfect place to go.

“There’s this little café type place I know of that’s a couple streets over. Wanna check it out?”

“Sounds fine.” Emma replies. She is relieved he didn’t choose the burger place on the corner.
As Bobby parks the car, Emma scrutinizes the place. It’s not a place she’d ever consider him to go to. She considers Chuck E. Cheese much more his style than this quaint, cozy place. Bobby holds the door open for her as she enters the Café. It’s quiet and cozy, with the faint hum of patrons talking and soft music playing. An older woman walks towards them to seat them, but as she approaches, a large smile spreads across her face and her steps quicken.

“Bobby? Is that you?” She asks in an excited voice.

“Abby! It’s so good to see you.”

Abby walks right up to him, embracing him in a huge hug, not even appearing to notice Emma standing beside him. When they pull apart, her happy visage has evolved into a stern expression.

“Where on Earth have ya been boy? We ain’t seen ya ‘round here in ages. You know you’re my favorite customer.”

“I’m sorry. Things have been pretty hectic and I’ve been really busy. I’ll make up for it with a big ol’ tip tonight.”

“You better.” She replies, her face reverting to her gentle smile. “I know you’ve been busy, but you ain’t been too busy to forget your manners. Aren’t ya gonna introduce me to your pretty friend here?”

“Abby, this is Emma. Emma, Abby.”

“Nice to meet you.” Emma says politely.

“Oh the pleasures all mine Honey. Any friend of Bobby’s is a friend of mine. Now, let me seat y’all at the best table I’ve got.”

Abby leads them to a small table set off somewhat in the back. She hands each of them a menu, and pulls a tablet out of her worn apron.

“Now what would y’all like to drink? Let’s see if this old bird still has it; vanilla bean frapp, chocolate sprinkles?”

“You’re the greatest Abby.” Bobby says with a smile.

“Glad ta see I still got it. And what will you have dear?”

“Cappuccino please.”

After Abby finishes writing it down, she heads off to get their beverage orders while they peruse the menus in silence. It isn’t until she returns with their drinks and takes their food orders and leaves that they finally start talking.

“She sure seems fond of you for some reason.” Emma states with a lilt of humor in her tone.

“I used to walk around town a lot when I first came to the school. I passed by one day and it smelled so good that I just had to come in. I used to come in here at least once a month. Abby’s always taken good care of me ever since the first time I walked in here. She’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever find in New York.

They continue to talk about casual things and after their food arrives, it takes a more serious and nostalgic turn.

“How was life before Xavier’s?” Emma asks.

Bobby takes a long sip of his drink, his eyes never leaving the cup as he answers flatly, “Cold.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Lemme explain. I thought my powers manifested in my teens right before I came to the mansion, but that’s not true. I’ve had them since birth. Mom told me I froze the tub once right before she was going to give me a bath. She didn’t wanna wait for the tub to thaw out, so she took me in the kitchen and I froze the sink too. Mom said I did that a lot, but I don’t remember any of it. Then somehow, my powers just ‘went away’ for a few years. Dad hoped it was for good, so he told my Mom to never tell me about it.”

Bobby takes a bite of his sandwich before continuing. “If I never got sick, I bet they never would’ve told me.”


“Yeah. When I was about 11, I started getting sick a lot. I mean really sick. I was always cold. It’d be 90 degrees out, and I would be shivering in sweatshirts. For about 2 years I saw tons of doctors, but none of em could figure it out. They all said I was catching the flu, or I had pneumonia, or low iron in my blood, but they didn’t really know. No one knew til one day I got so cold my whole body turned to ice. Then that was all she wrote...”

Emma stares into her cup as his story sinks in. Their conversation has taken a turn Emma hadn’t planned on. She never imagined that the two of them would have a conversation this in depth. Hearing him recall the first manifestations of his powers only makes her remember the horrible memories she tries to force down.

“What about you? Do you remember when your powers started manifesting?” Bobby asks.

She knew the question was inevitable, she didn’t need her telepathy for that. Her features are hard and stoic, her gaze rigid yet distant. Emma takes a long sip of her cappuccino stalling for time, but the memories continue to play through her mind.

The first memories to coalesce in her thoughts are fragments from her time in the mental institution. She recalls being strapped down to the bed when the voices were too much for her to bear, screaming her lungs out as her limbs were placed in restraints. She relives for the millionth time the first night they come into her room... and her attempts at resisting and fighting back to no avail. The numerous occurrences of that scenario blur past her, her attempts at resistance getting weaker until she no longer fights back.

The sound of clanging dishes wakes her from her reverie.

“Oh my God Emma.” Bobby says, shock evident on his face.

“What?” Emma asks confused.

“I had no idea.”

“What are you talking about?” Her tone sounding agitated with a hint of her coldness returning.

“I didn’t know you went through that.”

She glares at him until her eyes widen with realization.

“How did you? My powers are shielded. I certainly did not project.”

“I don’t know how I saw what I saw, but I did.”

Emma realizes he’s seen a part of her past she’s kept hidden from everyone. She fumbles with her things, finally grabbing her purse. She doesn’t need this right now.

“I have to go.”


Emma rises from the table in a hurry and Bobby gets up to follow her. He pulls out his wallet and throws some cash on the table. After all, he promised Abby a good tip.
To Be Continued...
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Chapter 2​


Emma pushes through the doors of the diner and once outside releases a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. It had begun to rain while they were in the café, but she doesn’t seem to notice or care. She walks quickly down the sidewalk, preparing to hail a cab when someone grabs her arm and pulls her into an alley.

“Take your hand off me.” Emma says defiantly, ready to strike.

“Calm down. It’s me, Bobby.”

Emma looks up and is relieved. She unclenches her fists, but her sense of relief quickly fades when she remembers that it is him she’s trying to get away from.

“Let me go Robert.” Her voice is low, cold, and void of any emotion.

“Not ‘til you tell me what the Hell happened back there.”

“I don’t owe you any explanation.”

“I think you’re just as clueless as I am. Some fractured images from your memories pop up in my head and neither one of us can explain it.”

“Just drop it.” Emma says sharply.


“It doesn’t concern you.” She tries to pull away from him, but he doesn’t let her.

“It does now. I saw something-“

“You shouldn’t have seen anything!” Her voice rises. It is the only outward act of emotion she shows.

“Whether I was suppose to or not, I did. I only saw bits and pieces but I could feel your fear. I know whatever it was, what I think it was, was pretty painful. Even for you.”

Emma stays silent for a while. She contemplates erasing his memory like those in the past, but decides against it for now. Instead, she tries something completely different.

“Do you know why I wear white?” She looks everywhere but at him while waiting for an answer.

Emma’s question catches Bobby completely off-guard. It’s something Bobby has pondered numerous times, but never in a million years would ask. Now the question is in front of him. His impulse is to answer with a joke, but he decides against it.


“White is representative of many things. Peace . . . cleanliness . . . ” With each word it is harder for her to speak. Bobby knows she is trying to stay stoic, but he also knows she is failing at it. To see Emma Frost even near an emotional display is a sight rarely viewed. Bobby understands the significance and lets her take as much time as needed. The rain drenching them doesn’t even matter.

“Innocence . . . purity. Everything that was ever innocent and pure about me was stolen in that damned place! All I cherished and held dear was destroyed. Now, all that’s left . . . is this cold heartless shell. I wear white as a false hope of regaining what was taken from me.”

Bobby stands still, never moving his gaze from her eyes even though she still refuses to look at him. He’s never seen her like this before, nor has he ever seen such emotion in her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Bobby says sympathetically.

“I don’t want your pity.” She says sharply, a stark contrast to the softer tone she previously spoke in.

“It’s not pity Emma. You know that.”

“Do I? I’m not sure what I know right now.” Her eyes cut away and her hands start to glimmer, the glow slowly crawling up her arms.”

“Don’t. I know what you’re gonna do.”

“You’re smarter than you let on.” Her words bite, but he doesn’t take the bait. He knows her words only stem from pain.

“Smart enough to know you’re taking the easy way out. Changing forms so you won’t feel anything.”

“Your point?”

“This ain’t like you Emma. You never run away or hide from anything.” Bobby gently shakes her shoulders to add impact to his words. This gesture seems to work and the vulnerable side of Emma returns.

“I don’t want to feel. I’m tired of this pain. I don’t want to feel anything.” Her voice quivers but he pretends not to notice.

“What about before you could shift? You can’t shift forms every time something rough comes along. It’ll never go away if you don’t at least try to deal with things. They’ll eat at you every time you revert back. They’ll eat at you forever.”.

After a long moment of silent contemplation, Emma finally whispers, “You’re right.”

The glimmer fades away from her hands. Bobby releases his hold on her and she turns away from him. A tear falls, but it quickly disappears among the raindrops cascading down her cheeks

“Emma.” Bobby says softly. He places a hand on her shoulder, trying to turn her back to face him but she shrugs him off.

“Please Robert, I’ve embarrassed myself more than enough tonight. I don’t think I can take you seeing me cry.”

“Well then, I promise I won’t look.”

Before Emma can protest, Bobby quickly pulls her to him, wrapping his arms around her. She tries to pull away, but he won’t let her. Emma leans back and looks up at him angrily, but her expression quickly turns to shock.

Bobby’s eyes are closed. Bobby pulls her closer to him, but this time she doesn’t protest. Instead, she does something completely out of character and breaks down in his arms. It’s been years since anyone has seen Emma cry, but because she always erased their memories after, no one ever remembered. She can always erase Bobby’s memories, but she doesn’t think about that right now. Instead she continues to cry against his chest and throughout, Bobby keeps his word; he never opens his eyes.
After the sobs cease, they decide to skip the movie and head back to the mansion. They sit in silence during the drive, neither really knowing what to say. Emma is wrapped up in a jacket, staring blankly out the window. Her mind is sorting through tonight’s events. Before the evening took a turn for the worse, she was actually enjoying herself. It was refreshing to let her guard down for once. Emma never thought her and Drake could have such a good time. She has to admit he was surprisingly pleasant company.

The closer they get to the mansion, the weather seems to improve. The rain has lightened up considerably but Bobby is still chilled and his clothes are soaked. Tonight’s events have his mind reeling. Emma Frost, former enemy, the rigid White Queen has acted in ways he’d never seen before. She had been outgoing and funny and they had a good time together. The fragmented images in his head he got from her are too confusing to comprehend, so he tries to forget about them for now. Instead he recalls what happened in the alleyway and tries to imagine the image of her crying in his arms. He has nothing to base it on, for he’s never seen Emma cry. Despite how much he wanted, he kept his word and never opened his eyes. Bobby quickly changes his train of thought when he remembers Emma is a telepath and he hopes she isn’t listening to his thoughts.

After parking in the garage, they exit the car, the silence between them making Bobby feel awkward.

“Looks like everyone is still out.” Bobby states, trying to get conversation started between them again.

Emma says nothing, only nodding in agreement. Bobby digs his hands in his pockets as they walk. “Sorry tonight didn’t go as planned.”

“I’ve learned that as an X-Man, hardly anything ever goes as planned.”

“Yeah,” Bobby chuckles. “Y’know, I had a lot of fun tonight. Til well . . . y’know.”

“Me too.”

“I really don’t want the night to end on a bad note, so I’m gonna invite you to join me in a tradition of mine.”

“And what would that be?”

“Usually I do this in my room, but when I have the mansion all to myself, I plop myself down in front of the big screen and pig out on pop corn and root beer floats.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Emma says sarcastically.

“Since we didn’t get to see a movie while we were out, I’m inviting you to join me. That is, if you want to. The ones that aren’t staying at Warren’s won’t be back for a few hours anyway.”

Emma contemplates spending the rest of the night alone and doesn’t really want to. For some reason, she decides to take him up on his offer.

“Why not?”

“Great. But just so you know, there are some rules.”

“Really?” Emma says, arching an eyebrow.

“Just a couple. It’s mandatory that you have at least one root beer float, and you have to wear something comfortable. No frilly lingerie or any of that crap.”

“The last one must be hard for you.”

“Hallelujah! The sense of humor’s back!” Bobby yells.

She smiles at his behavior.

“Ok. Go take a shower and clean up or whatever. I’ll see ya when you’re done.”


Nearly half an hour later, Emma sneaks quietly toward the kitchen, wary one of the others will come home and see her. She’s having second thoughts about her decision, but instead of retreating back up the stairs, she decides that if worse comes to worse, she can still erase the memories of the night. As she gets closer, she can hear movement in the kitchen and knows Bobby is already downstairs. She sneaks to the doorway, observing him for a few moments undetected.Bobby is standing behind the counter, only his upper body visible as he searches through the cabinets. Once he finds what he’s looking for, he comes around the counter to get something from the refrigerator, still unaware of her presence. She smirks and rolls her eyes because he is wearing the most hideous pair of shorts she has ever seen.

“Those are lovely.” She says sarcastically.

“Aren’t they the greatest? Jubes got ‘em for me.” He grins and turns to face her.

Bobby’s mouth drops, but he quickly recovers. She’s leaning against the door frame in a white t-shirt and pastel shorts. Her wet hair is in a loose ponytail with stray strands framing her face. At first he hardly recognized her, and now he can’t remember seeing her look as beautiful as she does right now.

“Problem Robert? Am I not following your rules well enough?”

“No-no you’re fine. You pass.” He stammers.

“Is there anything you’d like me to do?”

“Uh, how bout grabbing a bowl for the popcorn, it’ll be done any minute. I’m almost done here.”

As Emma gets a bowl, Bobby teases, “Tell anyone about this and I may have to freeze your underwear.”

“That is only if I’m wearing any.”

Her unexpected remark causes Bobby to choke on a sip of root beer he’s sneaked. He doesn’t turn to look at her, instead focusing intently on scooping the ice cream for the floats. He’s blushing at her comment and doesn’t want her to see. She smiles inwardly at his behavior, glad to have the power in her favor again.

Once Bobby collects himself, he catches himself inadvertently stealing glances at her as she watches the popcorn. He knows she can be an impatient person, and the way she’s rattling her nails on the counter makes it even more apparent. He’s still having difficulty believing that the White Queen is standing across from him. This whole evening seems to go against everything he ever knew about her. He’s never seen her act, let alone dress like this before. He can’t get over how normal and beautiful she looks.

‘Snap out of it,’ he mentally chides himself. ‘You can’t possibly like the White Queen.’

The chime of the microwave wakes him from his reverie. After he puts everything away, Bobby carries the drinks while Emma follows with the popcorn.

After putting in a movie, Bobby sits next to Emma on the couch. Relaxing, Bobby sits back and props his feet on the table. Emma is sitting on the edge of the seat, her back straight as an arrow.

“Relax a lil. This ain’t a business meeting.” He teases.

Emma scoots back against the couch, tucking one of her feet under her.

“I guess that’s better.” Bobby says between bites of popcorn.

As they watch the movie, they have casual conversations and enjoy their snacks. After the snacks are gone, Emma offers to take the dishes to the kitchen.

“Should I take a picture or something?”

“No one would believe you. This is a once in a lifetime thing so enjoy it.”

Emma places the dishes in the dishwasher before returning to the rec room. When she reenters, she is met by snoring. In the brief amount of time that she was out of the room, Bobby has fallen asleep. She turns off the tv and throws a blanket on him. He looks so peaceful, and for a brief moment, Emma is slightly envious. Her sleep is rarely peaceful. She heads to her room, turning off the lights as she exits.

to be continued

The next few days pass without incident and Bobby hardly sees Emma. She has spent a lot of time in her office, and when they have run into each other, it seems as though Emma finds a reason to excuse herself and leave the room not long after. Other than training and the occasional word here or there, they’ve hardly spoken and not a word has been said of that night. The Emma he discovered has been nowhere in sight. Instead, the White Queen seems colder and more unreachable than ever.
Bobby finds himself reminiscing about that night frequently. He really enjoyed that evening, a fact he is still having trouble with believing. Emma seemed like a completely different person, not the same woman he usually butts heads with. She wasn’t cold and malicious but rather pleasant and surprisingly good company. They even had similar tastes in music, which was something he never expected. To be honest, he didn’t think he’d ever have much in common with Emma Frost.

The events of the night left Bobby seeing her in a different light. Her walls had been lowered, if only briefly. He kept recalling the image of her standing in the doorway. It was at that moment that he really began to see her in a way he never thought possible. In her simplicity, he found her the most beautiful. But Bobby, and pretty much any one who ever laid eyes on her saw Emma’s beauty. The difference is, Bobby finds himself more attracted to the plainclothes Emma that he met that night than any White Queen incarnation he’s ever come across. He hopes he can find that side of her again.

Except for the weird incident at the café, and perhaps his falling asleep on her, Bobby is fairly certain she had fun that night too. Now it feels as though Emma is avoiding him and he is determined to find out why.

Bobby searches the mansion, finally finding Emma in her office. He knocks on the door before entering.
“Yes?” Emma says, looking up from her desk.

“Got a sec?”

“Now is not the best time, I’m rather busy.” Emma says, her gaze returning to the paperwork on her desk.

“It won’t be long?”

“Fine.” Emma says with an exasperating sigh.

She rises from her chair and comes around to the other side of her desk, propping herself against it. A bored expression plays across her face as she waits to hear what he has to say.

Her cold demeanor slightly intimidates him but he manages to get his thoughts together to ask what he’s been wanting to know.

“Why are you avoiding me Emma?”

“I’m not avoiding you.”

“Yeah, you are. I know it.”

“That’s ridiculous.” She dismisses his claim with a scoff.

“You’ve hardly said three words to me since the other night.”

“The semester is right around the corner and I have a lot to do. I’ve been busy. I’ve hardly spoken to anyone.

“You’re hiding.” Bobby says, crossing his arms to mimic her stance.

“From what? I have nothing to hide from.” Emma’s tone is annoyed, and her stance has become slightly defensive.

“I don’t know. From me, from you, who knows? All I know is that night you were you, and now you’re... not”

“What are you babbling about? I am always me.”

“No you’re not. Around here you act like the White Queen, always cold and distant. That night you let some of you walls down and you were the real Emma. I know no one’s seen you act like that before.”

“What’s your point? What do you want Robert?” She says, agitation apparent in her voice. She’s not saying that he’s right, but she’s also not denying it either.

“I just want to know, why? Why’d you show me that side of yourself?”

For the first time in the conversation, Emma averts her gaze. “I... don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Bobby presses.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does to me Emma. Please.”

She sighs again, but there is no animosity or annoyance this time. She looks at him again briefly, and notes the sincerity in his features. She looks away again before answering.

“For some strange reason... I feel comfortable around you. You’re not like most of the others. Most of them are either waiting for me to screw up or betray them. You don’t judge me like they do.”

“Thanks.” Bobby says, not really sure of how to respond.

“That’s why I let some of my walls down.”

“You can let your walls down with me anytime Emma. You’re actually pretty fun to be around when you’re not so guarded. Maybe you should act that way around everyone-“

“No,” she interrupts him emphatically. “I don’t trust them, and they certainly do not trust me.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Honestly? No. I’m not very trusting. But, after what you did for me, I think I could be able to.”

“Works for me.” Bobby says with a grin. “Is that why you haven’t erased my mind?”

“...I considered it.”

“So why didn’t you?”

Emma walks over to the bookcase, hoping the distance and distraction would make it easier for her to answer. While thumbing through a random book she’s pulled from the shelf, she contemplates lying or telling the truth. With a firm shutting of the book, she gives her answer.

“What you did for me meant more than you could ever know. More than I can say. You let me-ME- cry without ridicule, and not once did you break your word. You didn’t open your eyes. You knew I couldn’t take you seeing me like that. If you would’ve opened your eyes, I probably would’ve erased your memory.”

“Thanks for being honest with me.”

“I have been avoiding you.” Emma admits, placing the book back in its place.

“I know.”

“I wasn’t sure how I wanted to handle things yet.”

“Just be you Em. I know it’s gonna be hard, and it won’t happen overnight, but you don’t have to put up fronts with me.”

“Thank you Robert.”

“No prob, but enough with Robert. It sounds sooo stuffy. Bobby, ok?

Emma smiles and that is enough of an answer for him.

“Well, I got a session in 20, so I will see ya later.” Bobby says, heading for the door.

“Thank you again Robert.” He gives her a look and she adds, “I’ll work on it.”

He smiles and waves, closing the door behind him.

to be continued

The next few days are hectic and chaotic at the mansion as everyone is busy with preparations for the students return from summer vacation. While some have been assigned to preparing the dormitories and inside the mansion, Bobby has been assigned to the outer grounds. After a long day of diligent cleaning and yard work under the scorching sun, Bobby and the rest of the outside crew are exhausted. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, Bobby heads straight for the showers, then right to bed. He’s worn out from the hard labor and it’s not long before he is sound asleep.

For hours his dreams are nothing but peace, tranquility and cartoon characters, but almost without warning, an oddly grotesque image takes over his dream scape and just as quickly, vanishes without a trace. Gradually the appearances of similar images increases, but they are too blurry for his mind to discern. Intensely gruesome visions of blood and gore appear abruptly, causing Bobby to wake up. He sits up in his bed and wipes the sweat from his forehead.

“Man. What the heck was that?”

Bobby has no answers for the questions running through his mind. It’s been so long since he’s had a nightmare. He has no idea where the images came from or why his peaceful dream evolved into a gory nightmare. All he can recognize from the images is blood and carnage, and that is more than enough for him. It is a long time before Bobby is able to fall back asleep. Once he does, the frequency of the images dwindles. Although he is able to return to his peaceful dreams, some of the violent imagery returns sporadically, but not severe enough to wake him again.

Bobby’s erratic dreams continue for the next few nights and he is still as clueless as the first night. Tonight’s sleep is no different. His peaceful dream scape again slowly evolves into a grisly nightmare. This time however, he has more clarity than he ever has before. He has been transported to a graveyard, the sky dull and the air dank as a stale wind blows around him. He is standing among tombstones, but the names are unreadable. For the first time since the crazy dreams started, he is not alone. A few feet away there is a person kneeling before a headstone, laying flowers at its base.

“I let you all down.” The voice says, barely above a whisper.

Bobby instantly recognizes the voice of the shadowed figure and realizes he is somehow experiencing their dreams. Instantly everything around him goes black and Bobby wakes up completely alert. He sits up in bed and sighs. He knows he isn’t going to fall asleep anytime soon, so he puts on a shirt and heads down to the kitchen for a snack
Bobby heads down to the kitchen and straight for the fridge, not even bothering to turn on a light. There’s a full moon outside, and with the shades still drawn open, the moonlight casts a light glow around the kitchen. Bobby grabs some stuff to make a sandwich, kicking the door closed with his foot. When he turns to place the items on the table, he jumps, nearly dropping them. He is not alone.

“Geez!” Bobby says, clearly startled. “Give a guy a heart attack why don’t ya?”

“Hello Robert.” The other occupant addresses him. Fragments of moonlight bounce off her diamond exterior, refracting all around her.

“I didn’t expect anyone else to be down here.” Bobby says casually, putting his sandwich together.

“Sorry to disappoint.” She says nonchalantly, bringing her coffee cup to her lips.

“It’s not a big deal,” Bobby says, returning the items to the refrigerator. “Actually, I think I need to talk to you anyway.”


“Well... since we’re both sitting here at 3 in the morning, I think it’s safe to say neither of us slept well.”

Emma only glances up from her mug. Her silence is her answer.

“I know this will probably sound crazy, but I think I’ve been experiencing your dreams lately.”

“Perhaps you should lay off the late night snacks.”

“I’m serious.”

“Well, what did you see?” Emma asks skeptically.

“Tonight was the first time I actually saw anything clearly. The other times I’ve only seen blurs. I didn’t know what the images were or where they were coming from til tonight.”

“And why do you think they’re from me?”

“Because... I heard your voice. You were putting flowers on a grave I couldn’t read and everything went black and I woke up.”

“I see.” Emma says, staring into her mug.

“But how? How can I see your dreams?”

Emma doesn’t know and that bothers her. Remaining calm and collected, she suggests casually, “Perhaps I was projecting in my sleep.”

“That’s possible.” Bobby says, taking another bite of his sandwich.

Emma senses he wants to discuss this further. She doesn’t.

“I have an early flight in the morning. I’m going back to bed.”

“Goodnight Emma.”

“Goodnight.” She replies, leaving him alone in the kitchen.

Bobby finishes his sandwich and cleans his mess before heading back up to his room. The conversation with Emma didn’t go as planned. He still doesn’t have any answers for why he was able to experience her dreams. Considering how quickly Emma left, he concludes she probably doesn’t know the answer. He wanted to ask her why she had switched forms, but her body language and tone inferred that she was not in the mood for questions.
As the students start returning to the mansion, the next few days are hectic for everyone. Much of Bobby’s time is spent helping students move into the dorms and helping new students get settled. He has also spent a lot of time training in the Danger Room which surprises some of his teammates. He’s never been one to spend long hours in the Danger Room unless it was mandatory. He thought the extra training sessions would distract him, but he still can’t seem to get Emma Frost off his mind. She is a perplex mystery that he can’t seem to figure out. Most of the time she is the guarded, distant White Queen, but then are those brief moments when she lets her walls down. It is those moments that Bobby thinks about the most. As much as he wants to deny it, he actually misses her, a little. The training seems to keep him distracted and his mind off of her for the most part, so he spends a lot of his free time doing so. He also hates to admit it, but while Emma has been gone, he’s slept wonderfully.
to be continued...

Once things around the mansion started to regain a sense of normalcy, Bobby decides to get out of the mansion. Rather than enjoying the weather, swimming, or tanning, he is lying next to the pool practicing his powers. His brows are furrowed in concentration as his fingertips are barely grazing the water’s surface. He is trying to lower the temperature of the water as close to freezing as he can without turning the pool to ice.

He’s focusing so intently that he doesn’t hear the approaching footsteps. Bobby is completely oblivious, even asthey kneel beside him.

“Is than an icicle in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

“Huh? What?” Bobby says startled. He jumps and loses concentration. The entire pool turns to solid ice.

“Emma!” Bobby says, clearly surprised to see her.

“I couldn’t resist.” Emma says rising to her feet.

“I didn’t even hear you creep up.”

“I made sure you didn’t.” Emma says with a smirk.

“Guess that explains it,” Bobby says, wiping his hands on his pants after rising to his feet. “How was your trip?”

“Boring and uneventful.”

“You’re back early.”

“Caught an earlier flight. I have lots of work that needs to be done here.”

“Sounds fun.”

“Oh yes,” Emma says sarcastically. “Now that I’m back I can’t wait to tackle the mounds of paperwork on my desk. Looks like you’re going to have to find something else to occupy your time as well.”

“Looks that way . . . ” Bobby agrees, surveying the frozen water.

With that, Emma turns and walks away leaving Bobby confused.Emma’s behavior today is in stark contrast to how she behaved in the kitchen a few nights ago. She’d been distant and unsociable, where as today she seemed almost playful and in good spirits. The only other person he knows of that can switch moods as quick is Rogue, but even then her hot and cold tendencies were nowhere near Emma’s level. Emma could switch from being soft to shutting down and putting her walls back up faster than anyone he ever knew.

Bobby looks at the frozen pool and sighs. It will take a long time for it to melt, and while he could go get one of the X-Men to use their powers to defrost it for him, he isn’t in the mood to practice anymore. He looks down at his watch and then decides to go see what Hank is up to.


Later that evening, most members of the X-Men are sleeping soundly. Bobby is one of them. He’s enjoying another peaceful sleep until the environment of his dream changes abruptly like so many times of late.

His dream scape transports him to another environment and he finds himself on a cot-like bed in a small dimly-lit room. The door of the room slowly opens and a man in uniform enters. Bobby stands and tries to speak, but his mouth is covered and he is thrown back against the bed with force. He tries to stand again, but the uniformed man once again pushes him back down. As Bobby resists, a fist comes down against his face and he tastes blood in his mouth. He spits out the blood only to be backhanded again. The bedsprings creak as Bobby is pressed down into the mattress, the weight of the man crushing him . . . and now Bobby is on the other side of the room facing the opposite wall. All hints and tastes of blood are gone. Confused, he turns around and faces the bed

The man in uniform is still pinning someone down against the bed, but it isn’t Bobby. No matter how much they try to resist, they are easily being overpowered by the much larger and stronger man. Bobby can’t see who’s on the bed due to the position and bulk of the man, but he can hear the muffled screams of protest through their hand-clamped mouth. He tries to run over to help but he is met by some type of invisible barrier preventing him from doing so. Bobby punches and scratches at the barrier, but he is unable to break through.


The guard drops something and bends down to pick it up. Momentarily free, the victim sits up and screams for help. Bobby’s eyes widen in horror when he sees the victim. He fights harder than ever to get past the wall, but his attempts are futile. The guard backhands the person and clamps a hand back over their mouth, but somehow the screams continue.

Psychic screams erupt from every corner of his mind and while the dream scape vanishes almost instantly, the screams continue in the darkness. Bobby tries with all his might to will his self awake and finally succeeds. As soon as he wakes, Bobby bolts off the bed and darts out of the room. His bare feet hardly make a sound as he sprints down the empty hallway.

When he finally reaches his destination, he tries to open the door but finds it locked. Concentrating, Bobby places his hand over the lock and carefully uses his powers to make an ice key to unlock it. With success, he quietly opens the door and hurries in, shutting it behind him.

He rushes to the bedside where she’s thrashing wildly in her sleep.

“Emma.” He calls out, trying to wake her.

After repeating her name over and over with no luck, he leans over and puts a hand on her shoulder, softly shaking her as she thrashes. Suddenly her eyes snap open and she jumps up from the bed, wrapping her arms around his neck. The shock of her actions and the force with which she clutches onto him nearly knocks him to the floor. She squeezes him tightly and he puts his arms around her in an attempt to calm and comfort her.

Emma’s body is shaking and she is breathing heavily. Bobby can feel the heat and the wetness of her cheek against his. Her choked sobs catch against his neck. He gently smooths her hair and holds her, saying nothing but comforting words until she stops shaking.

“H-How . . . did you know?”

“I heard you in my head.”

She remains silent for a while, her posture tightening but her grip doesn’t loosen. Her face is still against his neck, but her breathing is much more controlled. She hasn’t looked at him yet.

“Are you ok?” Bobby asks concerned.

Emma loosens her grip on him and abruptly breaks contact. “Thank you for waking me.” She answers coldly, her icy facade returning.

“Emma, your nose . . . ”

Emma raises a hand to her nose and feels the blood on her fingertips. She rarely had these anymore.

“IF you’ll excuse me a moment,” Emma says, rising and entering the bathroom so quickly he doesn’t have a chance to respond.

Bobby chalks the nose bleed up to being dream-related and takes a look at his surroundings. He’s never seen the interior of Emma’s room before. The room is dark, the only light coming from beneath the bathroom door and the faint moonlight entering through the window. Despite the darkness, the large expanse of white that is her bed seems to give off a glow of its own.

Bobby notices the disarray of the tangled sheets and pillows and tidies up the bed for her. It’s obvious she has not had a peaceful rest. He thinks of the coldness she addressed him with prior to going into the bathroom and knows he should leave quickly once she returns. This is not a state she’s comfortable being seen in and with how quickly she put her walls up, he does not want to make things difficult for her. It’s not long after he finishes making the bed that she emerges.

Emma has changed her clothes and her hair and face are flawless. If Bobby hasn’t seen her just minutes before, he’d never have been able to tell she had been crying or that her nose was bleeding. Despite this, her body language shows that she is still shaken up. Bobby respects her attempts to cover it up, and not wanting to make things awkward, says nothing about it.

“I’ll head back to my room now. Call me if you need anything ok? G’nite Em.”

As Bobby turns from her and heads toward the door, Emma has to will herself from grabbing him. As he gets closer to the door, she struggles with her pride, and for once, pushes it aside.

“Wait,” Emma says, reaching out for his arm.

The sensation of her touch makes him realized for the first time that he is hardly dressed. With the urgency to get to her room, he hadn’t stopped to put anything else on. The look in Emma’s eyes and her expression silences every thought he has.

“Will you stay here Bobby? Please?” In a true moment of vulnerability, her insecurity and pleading go against everything she’s known for, but right now she doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to be along right now.

Bobby is shocked at Emma’s request. He is even more shocked to hear her call him ‘Bobby’. There’s no way he’d say no.

“Y-yeah I’ll stay. No problem.” He stammers at first, then tries to cover up his nervousness.

Emma’s shoulders visibly relax and she has regained her composure. She walks over to her bed, and being a gentleman, Bobby sits on the floor, preparing to get comfortable.

“What are you doing?”

“What?” He asks confused.

“You don’t have to sleep on the floor.” Emma says, a small hint of amusement in her voice.

Bobby takes a deep breath and stands, walking to the other side of her bed. He carefully lies down and remains completely still. He’s almost too nervous to breathe. He never thought that when he went to bed earlier that evening that he would find himself hours later in Emma’s bed. He doesn’t know what to make of what he saw in her nightmare and he hasn’t a clue if he should even mention it. Her behavior tonight has been rocky at best, flipping between the two extremes so fast it nearly made his head spin.

“Goodnight.” She says, turning on her said with her back facing him.

“Goodnight Emma.” Bobby says back.

He glances over at her, watching the moonlight reflect off her shoulder and then proceeds to stare at the ceiling. With as many questions as he has floating around in his head, he doubts he’ll fall asleep any time soon.

Bobby doesn’t know when he fell asleep, but as he slowly comes to he realizes it wasn’t a deep sleep. He awakens to feeling of a weight being pressed against him and he slowly opens his eyes. It takes him a moment to collect his bearings and remember where he is. Once his eyes adjust to the darkness, he is able to see the form pressing against him.

Through the course of the night, they’ve come much closer to each another. Emma’s body and his are somewhat entangled. Her face is tipped down towards his chest while his upper arm is being used as her pillow. One of her hands is resting under her cheek and her legs are lightly brushing against his. While Emma appears to be sleeping peacefully, Bobby finds himself slightly uncomfortable. The hand of his free arm has been propped under his neck for some time. Bobby moves his hand and let’s his arm fall to the side, moving slowly in an attempt to keep from waking her. Emma stirs slightly and adjusts her sleeping position in turn, now resting her head in the crook of his elbow. A ray of moonlight casts itself upon the bed and to him, she’s almost glowing. He marvels at how innocent she looks.

Bobby let’s out and closes his eyes. He can’t believe his luck, and at the same time, his misfortune. He tries to focus on calming, peaceful thoughts in case Emma’s telepathy is active. He hopes she can latch onto these and sleep peacefully. With a sigh, Bobby closes his eyes, drifting in and out of haziness until he finally falls back asleep.


To be continued...
The next morning Bobby wakes to an empty room. As the haziness of sleep fades, he takes in his surroundings and remembers where he is. He sits up slowly, seeing that he is the only occupant in the room. Emma is nowhere in sight. As his eyes adjust, he glances over at the clock. It’s late enough in the morning that he can sneak back to his room undetected because everyone is either downstairs or still asleep. Bobby swings his legs over the edge and when his feet touch the ground, something crumbles beneath them. Lifting his foot to investigate, Bobby finds a small crumpled piece of paper. He smooths it out and reads the writing to himself.

Had work to take care of. Didn’t want to wake you... Thank you.

There is no signature on the note, but Bobby knows its sender. He throws it in a nearby trash can before making the bed and heading to his room. He makes sure the coast is clear before slowly opening the door and making a run for his room. The last thing he wants is for rumors to start spreading and for he or Emma to be the topic of gossip. He is careful not to be seen and gets to his room undetected.


Later that day, Bobby is finishing up a solo danger room exercise. After an extensive workout of dodging projectiles and warding of the many simulations the Danger Room threw his way, the session is finally over.

“Nice work Bobby.” Scott’s voice bellows through the speakers from the observation deck.

“Thanks Scott.”

“After you’ve cleaned up, Professor wants to see you in his office.”

“OK fearless leader.” Bobby says with a grin.

After showering, Bobby heads for his meeting with Xavier. Bobby is curious to find out what the Professor wants with him. He hasn’t done anything to get in trouble that he knows of and the question plagues his mind until he reaches the door to the Professor’s office. He knocks twice before entering and finds that someone else is in the office with Xavier.

“Sorry Prof, didn’t know you were in a meeting. I’ll wait outside.”

“No Bobby, it’s alright. I actually wanted to speak to both of you.”

“It’s about time you got here.” Emma says cooly, her impatience apparent in her demeanor.

Bobby doesn’t say anything as he sits down.

“Well,” Xavier begins. “ I’ve already briefed Emma on the situation. Cerebro has detected a new mutant today with a potentially volatile power. Emma is going to access the situation and offer the mutant an opportunity to come to the school. I chose you to accompany her instead of Scott because of how well you get along with kids. If Emma can’t get through, perhaps you can get them to relate with you somehow.”

“Um, ok.” Bobby says, letting the news sink in.

“Let’s go,” Emma says, rising from her seat.

“Bobby I think it’d be best to take your car. It would be less inconspicuous than a limousine and would draw far less attention. Emma will give you the directions.”

The car ride is far less awkward than their time in Xavier’s office. Emma seems to have relaxed and by supplying Bobby with the directions, they find the house in a small suburb fairly easy. When Bobby gets out and takes stock of the house, his mouth drops. Part of the top floor of the two-story home has been blown off, yet there is no debris anywhere.

“Wow...” Bobby says under his breath.

“He’s inside. Alone... in the kitchen.” Emma says, using her telepathy to scan the premises.

“You take the front and I’ll swing around back in case he gets scared and runs.”

Emma nods in agreement and Bobby heads towards the gate opening as Emma heads for the front of the house.

Standing at the door, Emma knocks. After waiting a few seconds, Emma tries the doorknob, finding it unlocked. She walks in uninvited and as she looks over the room it appears as though no one is home. If she weren’t a telepath she’d assume as much. As she approaches the kitchen, she hears the sound of a door slamming and knows he has run outside.

Bobby’s waiting patiently in the backyard. When the new mutant runs out of the house, he runs into Bobby, nearly knocking them both to the ground.

“Easy partner.” Bobby says calmly.

“Let-Let me go.”

Bobby gets a better grip on his arms and quickly surveys him. He’s only a teenager, a frightened one at that.

“Calm down. We’re not here to hurt you. We want to help.” Bobby says.

“He’s right.” Emma says, coming through the back door. “Let him go Bobby. He won’t be going anywhere.”

Bobby obliges, and once free from Bobby’s grasp, the boy tries to run away, only to find he is unable to move.

“What’s going on? What’s happening?” The boy asks frantically. He’s trying to run away, but his body isn’t cooperating with him.

“I’m holding you in place.”

“How?” He asks, confusion apparent in his tone.

“Like you, I’m also a mutant.”

“I’m not a mutant.”

“Well kid, unless your parents are putting in a skylight, I think you are.” Bobby says, pointing towards the damages section of the house.

The boy looks down in shame. “It was an accident. I don’t know how it happened.”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Emma tells him. “It was simply the first manifestation of your powers. Was anyone hurt?”

“No. My parent’s are out of town at my Aunt’s for a few days. They’re gonna kill me when they get back.”

“They won’t know what happened.” Emma assures. “I’m having a crew coming in to repair it. By this time tomorrow, there will be no sign that anything ever happened.”

“Why? Why are you helping me?”

“Like I said, we are mutants. Just like you, only we know how to control our powers. We want to give you the opportunity to do the same.”

“But I don’t even know what they are. I passed out, and woke up in what’s left of my room.”

“We will help you. There is a school for children like you who want to learn how to use their abilities. A safe place to get an education without being ostracized.”


“She means you won’t be harassed and stuff.” Bobby clarifies.


Emma glares at Bobby and he simply shrugs.

“If I let you move now, will you promise not to run?”

“I promise.”

Emma releases her mental hold of the boy and as promised, he doesn’t run.

“Let’s take this convo back inside, ok?” Bobby suggests.


Inside the house, Bobby and the boy are sitting at the table, while Emma stands over them.

“So, what’s your name?” Bobby asks, trying to make the boy feel comfortablt.


“I’m Bobby, she’s Emma. What do you think about everything so far?”

“It’s hard to believe. It’s crazy. I’m a mutant,” Tommy stares at his hands in newfound fascination before looking at Bobby. “You said you’re a mutant too right?”

“Sure am.”

“What can you do? I mean, I already know what she can do.”

Bobby smiles at Tommy and creates a simple ice sculpture on the table.

“Whoa that’s cool!”

“Like I haven’t heard that one before.” Bobby laughs.

“What do you think of our offer Tommy?” Emma asks.

“It’s a lot to think about. I need to talk to my parents.”

“Well, since your parents won’t be home for a few days, why don’t you come with us to the school? Check things out, see how you like it and all that? At least til the house is finished.” Bobby suggests.

“That’s not gonna happen any time soon, mutie-scum.” A gruff older voice bellows from behind them.

Emma and Bobby whip around to the source of the voice and are confronted with high-powered guns aimed at them. They are surrounded by 6 members of the FOH wearing odd ear pieces. Emma tries to access her telepathy, but finds she is unable to do so.”

“Sensor’s pickin up one of yall is a telepath,” The gruff man says, pointing to his earpiece. “It ain’t gonna work while we’re wearing these.”

Another member walks up to Bobby and aims a gun at his chest, while two other members encircle Tommy.

“Hey, this isn’t how we say hello ‘round here.” Bobby says, slowly rising to his feet.

“Enough with the jokes gene-freak. Throw down any weapons you have.”

“We don’t have any.”

“I don’t believe you.” The man says, cocking the handgun and aiming at Bobby’s head.

“I’m serious. Look.” Bobby says, slowly raising his arms. “And her, she couldn’t hide much in that outfit anyways.”

“Quiet you moron.” Emma says in anger.

“Women.” Bobby continues. “I see you don’t have any in your bunch. Smart move. All they’re good for is taking care of us when we get sick. Me, well, I got this bad cold. A-A-Achoo!”

Bobby pretends to sneeze and his breath freezes the gun.

Before anyone can react, Bobby knocks the gun from the man’s hand and it shatters into pieces on the ground. He punches the man in the face and he falls back. The other two guards on stand by try to come to their friend’s aid and Bobby swaps punches with them.

A loud crack reverberates through the room, with a thump immediately following. Bobby stops resisting and his eyes fall on Tommy’s unconscious body lying on the floor. One of the FOH is beaming with pride, his foot firmly planted into Tommy’s back as he lays face first on the floor. The force with which his rifle connected with the back of Tommy’s head knocked him out.

“The man whose gun Bobby froze rises to his feet, taking a gun from one of his compatriots. He stands over Tommy’s immobile body and glares at Bobby, blood running down his lip.

“Try anything again, and I’ll blow his head off.”

Bobby drops his hands in defeat and he is quickly tackled by the other FOH members.

“What do you want?” Emma demands.

“The entire mutant race wiped off the Earth, but dragging you in will be fine for now. I’m sure they’d love to hear about this “school” you were talking about. Now, we’ll be taking you outside to our vehicle. You try anything or make a scene and you’re all dead.”

Bobby and Emma are ushered out while two members pick up Tommy and drag him outside. They are pushed into the back of a large van in which they are handcuffed and blindfolds are placed over their faces. Anger is cursing through both of them. The FOH’s devices prevented Emma from using her telepathy and also masked their entrance into the house. As they sit there seething, Tommy is pushed into the back with them.

“Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.” The gruff man says, chuckling at his own joke as he slams the door shut.


To be continued...
Emma and Bobby are shoved into a jail-like room and the door is slammed and locked behind them. Removing their blindfolds, they proceed to examine their new surroundings. The room is plain and bare, the only hint of furniture being a ragged cot in the corner.

“Well, this is great.” Bobby comments sarcastically as he searches for possible ways out.

“They’ve installed inhibitors in here. I can’t use my powers.” Emma states.

“Me either.” Bobby says, pulling at the door.

Emma looks around the room in disgust before slowly sitting on the cot.

“When did these idiots get so smart? We need to find out what they did with Tommy.”

Bobby turns to look at her, awaiting her reply, but she doesn’t say anything. The door swings open and the men Bobby fought with are standing in the entrance. Bobby turns around just in time to be pushed back further into the room. He staggers briefly, but quickly recovers his balance.


“Shut it gene-freak.”

“Geez. No respect anywhere.”

“Keep talking trash and see what happens. You won’t be worrying about respect, that’s for sure.”

A smaller man enters the room with a sneer. “One of our ranks reported a bizarre incident in his neighborhood and we knew it had to be mutie-related. I send some of our boys in there to take care of things and you two show up. Must be our lucky day. But, if you don’t cooperate, I’m afraid it won’t be so lucky for you.”

“You’re not gonna get anything from us.” Bobby says defiantly.

“That so?”

Bobby stands there smugly with his arms folded confidently across his chest.

“I’ll just come back later after you’ve had some time to think about it.”

The small man exchanges glances with each of the others and they all nod in acknowledgment. Once the short man leaves the room, they immediately return their attention to Bobby. The man with the split lip grins devilishly at Bobby.

In a blur they lunge at Bobby, attacking him with a barrage of fists. He fights back as best as he can until he is slammed to the hard concrete. Fist and foot connect with fury all over his body as they hit him relentlessly. Limbs ache, bruises emerge and scrapes form. When they’ve decided that he’s had enough, they step back to admire their work. Bobby spits out a mouthful of blood and coughs violently. The men laugh amongst themselves.

“Leave him alone.”

The men turn around in unison, suddenly remembering there is another occupant in the room.

“We completely forgot about her boys.”

“Now it’s time to have some real fun.” Another chimes in.

“Stay way from me you imbeciles.” Emma says, her voice dripping with disdain.

The biggest of the three grabs her by the wrist and pulls her to her feet in front of him.

“I don’t take no lip from mutie-scum, not even hot scum. You put up a heck of a fight back there, but there’ll be no more of that. Keep your mouth shut and we’ll make it quick for ya.”

“Quick’s too long for you needle *****,” Bobby says through clenched teeth. “You do everything too fast and can’t even get it right. I’m still conscious. You idiots can’t even give a good beat-down, how can you possibly handle a woman?”

Emma realizes that Bobby is trying to goad them away from her. Even though she wants nothing more than to be free of them, she knows it will not turn out well for him.

Angrily, the man releases her wrist, and pushes her away. Emma lands ungracefully onto the cot as everyone’s attention is back on Bobby. They pull him to his feet, two men holding him upright. Emma can only look on in horror as they beat Bobby worse than before. Each sound of fist hitting flesh makes her cringe. Once satisfied, they release him and he crumbles to the concrete beneath him. Bobby tries to brace himself for the next wave of hits, but it doesn’t come. A beeping sound erupts in the room and each of the men reach into their pockets, removing similar devices.

“Let’s go.” The leader of the trio orders.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be back to finish the job later.”

“Can’t...wait.” Bobby says sarcastically, spitting out more blood.

After the men leave the room, Bobby continues to lie on the floor. He rests his forehead against the cool concrete for temporary relief from some of the pain.

“Aren’t you going to get up?” Emma asks from the corner.

“Workin’ on it.” He tries to push up to his knees, but finds he lacks the energy and strength to do so. “On second thought, I think I’ll stay down here.”

Emma walks over and kneels beside him.

“What are you doing?” He asks groggily.

“Helping you up. Now help me.”

It takes great effort for Emma to lift Bobby to his feet. In his current condition, he isn’t much help. Once standing, he staggers drunkenly as Emma balances him. Once he reaches the cot, he flops on it, immediately lying down.

“Sit up.”

“Just let me sleep it off.” Bobby whines.

“You might have a concussion,” Emma says grabbing him by the collar to hold his head up. “So sit up at least until we clean you up.”

Somehow he manages to sit and Emma positions him so that his weight is supported against the wall.

“You look bad.” Emma says as surveys the extent of his injuries.

“Thanks for telling me. I’d been worrying if the blood was clashing with my outfit.”

“Do you always do this?”

“Do what?”

“Make insipid remarks?”

“In situations like this...yeah.”

Emma manages a slim smile as she eyes the blindfolds on the ground. When she gets up to retrieve them, Bobby lets his eyes close, once again trying to sleep. The blindfolds are filthy with dirt and are unsanitary. She throws them down in disgust and returns to the cot.

“Open your eyes.” Emma says, as she grabs hold of her sleeve and rips it. She proceeds to tear it into smaller strips and uses them to wipe the blood from his face.

“I’m just imagining what I’m gonna do to them when they come back for Round 2.”

“Nice try, but I need you to stay awake right now.” Emma says softly.

“Cuz I might be concussed right?”


“I don’t think I am. Y’know, concussed. Those guys didn’t hit that hard.”

“Your appearance says otherwise.” Emma says with a light lilt to her voice.

“Looks worse than it is.”

“We’ll see.”

Bobby tries to grin, but grimaces at the pain it causes.

“Do you think they’ll come back?” Emma asks softly as she wipes blood from his forehead. It’s not the question that is on her mind, but it’s as close as she’s willing to get on the subject.

“I doubt it. At least not today.”

Bobby watches Emma through partially opened eyes as she takes care of his injuries. Her touch is delicate as she wipes the blood from his wounds, the soft fabric from her sleeve slightly comforting despite not being damp. Her tone is softer than he’s ever heard her speak and while her expression remains guarded, there seems to be something raging in her eyes. Bobby replays her words in his head and he realizes its undertone.

Bobby takes her gently by the wrist and looks at her earnestly. “I won’t let them hurt you.”

Emma’s demeanor changes slightly and she smiles weakly. He is able to see through the fluff to her true meaning behind the question. “I can handle it.”

“I’m serious Emma. I’ll take any beating they bring.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Emma appreciates his gesture, but also knows that in his condition it is a promise he may not be able to keep. He releases her wrist and she finishes up cleaning his cuts, checking for signs of a concussion.

“Do you have a headache? Any ringing in your ears?” Emma asks, surveying him.

“Of course I have a headache,” Bobby says sarcastically. “No ringing though.”

“That’s good. Any dizziness or nausea.”


Emma puts down the last of her rags and gently places a hand on each side of his face. “Don’t move.”

Bobby obeys and watches her intently. Her touch is soft and she is careful not to touch any of his scrapes. Emma’s brow is furrowed in concentration as her gaze shifts across his face, finally falling on his eyes. Her gaze alternates between them until she finally releases hold of him.

“I think it’s ok for you to sleep now. Pupil’s look normal.” Emma says relieved.

“So I’m not concussed. That’s good to know.” Bobby attempts to smile, but remembering the pain it caused him, decides against it.

“Get some rest.”

Bobby looks around the room, realizing how small the cot is. “Um, how’re we gonna do this Em?”

Emma realizes their predicament and sighs inwardly. There’s room for both of them on the cot, but hardly. Emma helps Bobby transition from leaning against the wall to lying on the cot.

“Put me on the floor Emma.”

“Shut up and sleep.” Emma says. Her words are sharp but her tone is still soft.

Bobby obliges, closing his eyes. He feels the cot shift with movement and opens them partially. Emma has finally laid down. She’s keeping as much distance between them as possible, but the cot is so small that they can feel each other’s warmth.

“Thanks Emma.” Bobby says groggily.

Emma says nothing, simply staring at the wall. She looks around the room for any hint of a possible escape they somehow overlooked. With no windows or a watch, she is unable to discern the time. She can only assume it’s at least early evening. Emma wishes she had her telepathy. She’d make those men pay for what they did to Bobby and she’d make sure they were never able to harm anyone again. She’d get them out and they would find Tommy.

Glancing over at the battered face of Bobby Drake, she sighs. Were it anyone else, the beating she witnessed wouldn’t have bothered her nearly as much. She surely wouldn’t have ruined an expensive designer shirt to clean up their wounds, let alone share a cot with them. Despite their past, of all the people in the mansion, she feels most comfortable around Bobby. At first she disagreed with Xavier on being paired together with him, but after hearing Charles’ reasoning, she determined it wasn’t that bad an idea after all. Now that’s she’s being held captive, Emma realizes how glad she is that he’d been sent with her. Anyone else, and she would’ve gone crazy by now.

Emma’s trying her hardest to remain calm and collected. The silence in the room is near deafening, but as Bobby sleeps, the sound of his shallow breathing gives her comfort. Trapped here with anyone else and she may not be able to keep her demons at bay. She can’t explain the effect he has, but she is a stronger force against her nightmares when he is around. Emma carefully adjusts herself so that she is more comfortable. She is careful not to wake him but he is already sound asleep. Once she finds a comfortable position, she tries to get some sleep herself, knowing that they’re going to need all the strength they can muster if they’re going to get out.

to be continued

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