Disavowed: A Moira MacTaggert Fanfiction (X-men: First Class)


Jan 14, 2012
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I'm still working on my X-men: First Class story, Disavowed, first mentioned in this thread here. The tagline for the fanfic is here:

After the events of X-men: First Class CIA Agent Moira MacTaggert is assigned a new mission, where she is teamed up with Captain Carl Allenby of the United Kingdom's Special Air Service. Together the two uncover a conspiracy, but are instantly disavowed. Can they survive to inform their respective governments? Or will their warnings of a new threat be forever silenced?

And the fic itself is here: Disavowed

So far the story has had the following plot points:

  • The CIA is alerted to a mysterious attacker encountered by the British SAS in Borneo.
  • Moira is assigned by the CIA to work with the British MI-6, alongside the officer from the British SAS patrol.
  • A mutagenic compound is discovered to be behind the mysterious attacker.
  • They follow a lead to Hong Kong where it is revealed the Chinese have developed an interest in the use of a mutagenic compound...

I figured I'd share the link to my story here on the forums...

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