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Nov 3, 2006
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Hello guys, i am thinking about getting a digital camera in the next few days but i never had one before so i wanted some help with what is good and what is bad about digital cameras and what brand/models are good. I am looking to stay within the price range of $100-$300 dollars. I am looking for those smaller hand sized ones and not one of those ones that look like a 35mm camera. I have heard cannon and nikkon ones are good. So if anyone could please help me out with what specs are good for digital cameras in the range i can afford and what model/brand is good that would be real great.
I'm currently looking into digital cameras as well....

alot of them have similar specs, apparently it's all about the lens quality.

I guess one really needs to know what the purpose of your purchase is mainly going to be for

nights out, cinematic views, safari, general everday use, blowing up pictures to A0, filming, filming at night, widescreen pics etc...

all this info could have an effect on what people suggest to you
well it would be for pretty much indoor/outdoor, still, moving, night, etc. I am going on a trip to vegas in july(my 3rd time) and i really wanted to have a camera this time around to shot vegas and other stuff while there, then to take pics of friends, places, and things when i am home and at school in the fall.
when i buy cameras, well electronics in general, i like to read customer reviews and stuff online before i'll check one out at the store.

imo, i've found the best reviews on but you could prolly search any electronics dealer for reviews/specs/etc. make sure you decide whether you want a rechargeable battery camera, or one that takes batteries. i prefer the charger. my camera can take 300+ pics on a single charge.

the 2 digital cameras i have right now are a casio exilim, and a fuji finepix. i really enjoy both.
So is there any one else with some good models/brands for digital camera in the range i am looking for and for the features i am looking to use it for. I just really want to get a list of different models so i can compare between them to figure which would be the best fit for me with usage, prince and all that.
It really depends on personal preference...good image quality? video capability? better battery?

I have a Canon and I love it. Specifically for the fact that it is one of the only companies that still include viewfinders in their cameras.

So basically, it's up to you.
First of all...
Be much you willing to spend.
That makes a difference.

Once you come up with that, there are many types...and features you need to make sure you camera has.
Yea i always heard good things about cannon and nikon models. Right now i am looking at the price range from 0-300 dollars. Looking for compact size with good megapixel count, good zoom lens, battery length, and a good variety of shooting features like video-night-still-moving, etc.... I dont a few threads on a couple sites i been told a few people say cannons, and nikons, and two people mentioned a kodak easyshare camera. So i was looking to get a few different cannon, nikon, kodak models so i can compare the features and see which has what i want and the prices.

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