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Disco-dancing dentist sued for drilling disaster

Argyle of Sock

Aug 16, 2007
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Tool lodged into patient's sinuses while doc boogied to 'Car Wash,'

updated 11:42 a.m. PT, Fri., Nov. 2, 2007

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - A dentist was dancing to a song on the radio while drilling on a woman's tooth, and she wound up in the hospital when the drill bit snapped off and lodged near her eye, a lawsuit alleges.

Brandy Fanning, 31, said she had to undergo emergency surgery and spent three days in the hospital because of the October 2004 mishap.

The federal lawsuit filed last month against Dr. George Trusty seeks $600,000 for her medical expenses, pain and suffering.
Trusty, 57, a dentist at Syracuse Community Health Center, declined to comment, as did Dr. Ruben Cowart, the center's president and CEO.

Fanning said she went to the center's emergency dental clinic after pain in a left molar started getting worse. With a root canal ruled out as an option, Trusty gave her some Novocain and began drilling to break up the tooth before extracting it, she said.

As Trusty drilled, he was "performing rhythmical steps and movements to the song `Car Wash,'" which was on the radio, according to the lawsuit. Then, Fanning heard a snap.

Trusty tried to use a metal hook to pull the bit out, but that only pushed it farther up, driving it through the sinus and bone near her eye socket, the lawsuit alleged.

After first minimizing the problem, Trusty talked to an oral surgeon to set up an appointment — and then told Fanning she needed to get to an emergency room immediately, according to the lawsuit.

She claimed he had initially told she would likely sneeze the drill bit out, but doctors said later that if she really had sneezed, the drill bit could have blinded her left eye.

Fanning said she sued because Trusty failed on a promise to pay her medical bills. She said she still suffers facial swelling, nerve damage and chronic infections.

The suit is in federal court because the health center operates under federal law.


Smilies do not properly convey the expression that I make when I read this article.

What the ****? What kind of a moron dances to music while drilling on someone's teeth?
If only there were a synonym for "sues" that started with "D". :(
looks like this disco -dentist will be working at the car wash soon.
What the ****? What kind of a moron dances to music while drilling on someone's teeth?

jesus... like an old shakey-handed dentist with a loud drill isnt scary enough.....
I don't know what it is about that song but I can't help but groove when it comes on. Also, I laughed. :csad: Why didn't he call her an ambulance or drive her to the hospital, dick?

Dentist need to have some stricter regulations on them. I swear I've been deathly sick a few times after visits and it took me abit to realize it was more than likely poor hygiene/universal precautions.
Mother****ers. :cmad: :down
"Dumbass Disc-Dancing Dentist: Dough Demanded for Drilling Disaster Damages" :D
"Dumbass Disc-Dancing Dentist: Dough Demanded for Drilling Disaster Damages" :D

That needs to be a '40s style spinning newspaper headline. :D

This just adds more fuel to the fire of why I hate dentists.
Why am I getting visions of Steve Martin in "Little Shop Of Horrors" from this story?

Good thing I don't go to the dentist, this will continue to make me stay away.

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