Do certain names carry certain traits?


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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It ain't always the case, but I have seen instances where certain people that are named certain things can be a particular way. I've known two guys named Jordan at two separate places I've worked, and they were both asses. I don't know why, they just were like the typical jerk off type of dude. There's also a girl named Bethany at my current job, she is basically a Paris Hilton minus the prison time and money....platinum blonde, has to have designer everything, and has E! bookmarked on her pc. Is there an actual trend, or is it just all in my head? :wow:
I've heard you speak of this Bethany before. You digging that?
I've heard you speak of this Bethany before. You digging that?

Nah, I can't handle them high maintenance ones. She'll be wanting me to buy her that ****. Hell to the no. :o
It´s all in your head
I dunno.

My name is Peter, and it means rock, and steadfast.

I've been told I'm very reliable and I'm also pretty confident under extreme pressure.
I dated a Matthew (gift from god), he thought so. :cmad:
Well my name is Bradley and that means 'of the broad meadow' the **** do I interpret that?
I didn't really expect anything different from old newbie Bauer.

Well my name is usually associated with drug lords here in Mexico and also with one of the most famous drug families here but I ain´t no drug dealer or anything... so the whole thing about names and certain traits sounds a bit ridiculous don´t you think?

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