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Sequels Do we need multiple villains for the next X movies?


Poetic Violence
Apr 18, 2006
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I was just thinking, since in the first three X films, there have always been multiple villains. Do you guys think that we'll always need multiple villains? I can't see a X movie with just one villain. What one villain would be able to hold his own movie? Besides, Apocalpyse, in my opinion, we may never get him.
I'm hoping that we always get multiple villians. Even if they do do Apocalypse then I would still like to see hime have his minions. The four horsemen, Sinister, or atleast someone to be his right hand man, or woman. I know it would not follow well with the comics but what has so far, I think would be cool if they put White Queen with Apocalypse, to have a giant meda-mutant and this little hot blonde chick with mega powers on the same side, it could work out pretty awsome
Sentinals/mutant controll agency in Genoshia...Omega Red in Russia, and Sinsiter in the Savage land..

spread the xmen out, make it snatch style with all these different missions maybe all leading up to this grand finale melee in the savage land or something, and in the end Magneto gets to keep genoshia

anyone like that idea? three teams of xmen Wolverine Storm and Beast each lead one or something, and we can get a million characters like gambit and nightcrawler, polaris, and havok

i'm digging the idea anyone else? if i stand alone then whateva
I think it should be Mystique with a newer brotherhood Pyro Juggernaut Collusus brother, that would be cool Post maybe?
Sinister with the Maruaders/Nasty Boys/Savage Land Mutates...

I think Sinister is the obvious choice for future films.
I think we need Blob and Avalanche, if they continue with the Brotherhood.

Has anyone noticed we saw the new lackeys bite it, but nothing happen to Pyro and Juggs except unconsiousness? Maybe they return?

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