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Sep 29, 2003
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Did you know that real fusion exists?
At least in theory.
Scientists from austria, china, france, USA and Russia are working on it.
first plans reveal that the calculations of ock in the move were true (someone did great research there). the tritium is they key to it. it fuses and the fusion gets heated up to 100 million degrees, that are controlled with magnetism.
the troubles doc occured however are rather impossible, since the fusion can be controlled with no problem. at least if the research is correct.

scientists want to test the first fusion in 2020-2030 in france and the first fusion reactor will go online in mid 2050.

local newspaper. because iam from austria, innsbruck and our scientists are currently developing the technology.
we also invented beaming and time travel (we managed to beam one light particle through a small room (distance 2meters) and time traveling is currently only possible on paper, since the practical version wont wokr yet due to space and time errors).
innsbruck is the leading technology source in science (fiction)
When Spider-Man 2 came out, EW had a short interview with a scientist saying Spider-Man 2 isn't that far fetched with the fusion idea. They've been working on it for a few years now, before 2 came out. I think that could have been why they used that idea for 2. Before I read that article (it came out a month after 2 was released) I thought that was the most far fetched thing in the movie. haha. I was way wrong!
Fusion isn't possible by tritium, tritium in the movie was a little golden ball and in real life I think it's a gas or something like that.
Maybe, and I am probably totally wrong, maybe the tritium gas was inside the crystals?

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