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Dreamcast 2...could it happen?

Isildur´s Heir

Dec 21, 2002
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No, there is no Dreamcast 2 in the making (at least, that´s what GS said), but this thread is a follow up to the rumour that appeared online and Gamespot talked about.

Source: Trademark-trolling site Trademork reported this week that Sega had filed a new application to secure its rights to the Dreamcast name. The site speculated that the game maker might be preparing to reenter the hardware market with a Dreamcast 2. A slew of Web sites jumped on the speculation and passed it along with a token dash of skepticism.

What we heard: The Sega Dreamcast launched in the US on September 9, 1999. Despite boasting a library of highly regarded games including Soul Calibur, NFL 2K, and Jet Grind Radio, the system struggled to gain a foothold in the market. Less than a year and a half after the system's launch--and only a couple of months after Sony released the PlayStation 2--Sega officially gave up on the Dreamcast and game hardware altogether in January of 2001.
Peter Moore, then-president and CEO of Sega of America, explained the company's withdrawal bluntly. "With the hardware game becoming increasingly competitive--especially for companies like Sega, whose pockets are not as deep as our competitors--we've chosen to place our bets on our software, our heritage, and our proven track record," Moore said at the time.
Those who follow the industry, or at least haven't been living in a cave for the last couple of years, will recognize that the industry landscape that Moore described is largely unchanged. If anything, it's more competitive, and Sega's pockets haven't gotten substantially deeper. They certainly aren't deep enough to afford buying themselves back into the hardware game. Microsoft has invested billions getting the Xbox off the ground, and is only now starting to see potentially sustainable profits from the division, seven years, three Halos, and two systems later.
There's also the issue of what Sega could bring to the table to steal any substantial market share from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. The company's biggest asset would be the array of familiar franchises and brands it has, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Virtua Fighter. Seven years ago, that same strength proved inadequate when the Dreamcast failed to compete with even the specter of the PlayStation 2's approaching launch.
The industry is larger than ever, and the stakes in the hardware market are accordingly high. Sega folded years ago, figuring it better to be a heavy hitter in the third-party publisher world than a straggler in the hardware game. There's no reason to think the company would get back into the game now.

The official story: "Although I think all gamers would like to see a new Dreamcast (including myself), this looks to be more wishful thinking in the rumor mill."--A Sega representative.

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus.
So, do you think that there a place in the market for the return of Sega?

Honestly, i don´t think there is, but i´m positive that i read somewhere a long time ago, right after Sega gave up consoles, that the company was making some internal changes, and could return to it.
It´s true that, to some degree, the market is a bit stagnant at the moment.
You have Sony vs Microsoft, and Nintendo alone in their own place (Nintendo is a diferent ball game when in comparision to the other two).
Sega could give Nintendo´s a run for it´s money, and make the gap between Nintendo´s gaming and the other two (PS and MS) shorter.

How cool would be to Sega release a Virtual console?
Imagine a budget console were you would have all of Sega´s library, from the Master System to the Dreamcast, even Game Gear would be in it.
Everyone knows that it would be a huge sucess, and a good way for Sega to make a comeback.
Besides, the return of Sega would be something new to the table...
No, they have no place. Their name means nothing anymore, thanks to them, they'd be surrounded by entrenched, better funded competition, they've got zilch for good internal studios now, so compelling exclusive content is out, etc. Sega can barely make it as a 3rd party publisher pushing crap out the door, going back to the hardware business would be a trip back to bankruptcy. And that sucks, because I used to be a huge Sega fan. Even had a Saturn.

As for the virtual console, depending on price and selection, I'd probably buy it.
I'd buy any console for Shenmue 3... but Sega's just not a publisher worth my time anymore.
It'd never happen, so he doesn't need to worry about that.
What if they decided to make Shenmue 3 but as a Playstation 3 exclusive?
I would kiss my five hundred and ninety-nine U.S. Dollars goodbye.



Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars.
Sega can't make Dreamcast 2 because their hardware division no longer exists. It's no more likely than Konami, Namco, Capcom, or EA deciding to make a console.
For some strange and crazy reason if a new breed of a console game systen arrives i think apple is going to make one. lol thats cause im crazy.
apple is making thier new ipod that will able to play video games.
I think the new iPod will be coming in the backdoor, though, it would be more equivalent to a PSP or DS than a PS3 or 360 both when it comes to development AND power.

Sega COULD pull of something stunning in the handheld world... but for the big consoles? I don't see it.

I had a Saturn too.
They can't even make decent software games anymore. They're not going back to hardware, even if the Dreamcast was severely underrated.
You don't snort crack, you smoke it. Coke is what you snort.
I miss the DC :csad:
Oh wait I still have it.

Sega needs to take Sonic away from Sega Team, I mean holy crap.
The possible return of Sega?If it's done right,it could be the return of the third true contender to Nintendo and Sony,and show the X-Box how a real console is done.
Yeah, show them how it's done...with bankruptcy?
The console market is already crowded enough with the three ring circus of Nintendo, MS, and Sony. If Sega jumped back in (which they CAN'T since their hardware division DOES NOT EXIST anymore), the "console war" would become a disaster zone.
their could always be a segtendo? no scratch that i love sega but their crappy development might contaminate nintendo...god what a horrible future mario with broken controls, pop rock, and a ridiculous storyline...the horror!!!

new idea make sega a in house developer for nintendo, under miyamoto supervision, sega will be whipped into shape metaphorically and literally.

that would mean buying sega,which is worthless. i mean look at rare, do you wnat nintendo to feel like microsoft?!lmao

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